SteemWales - time for another meetup?

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Following on from my post the other day asking how many active steemians there are now in the UK, I thought I would take a check on those in my home patch in Wales.

Much to my surprise there seems to be almost a dozen people still active, to a lesser or greater degree, in Wales.

That is not a massive number of people, but considering the population of Wales is only just over 3 million, that does put the active steemian ratio at about one per quarter million. That is rather better than the UK as a whole, which is probably back to only just over one per million.

These are the people from my last UK list that I believe are still active on Steem and are based in Wales...

This list was from last December so I am hoping there may be a few new steemians in Wales that have joined since then.

Anyone know of any?

UPDATE #1 (12 Aug '19) - found one more active Wales steemian @theceltictraders - that brings us to a dozen...

UPDATE #2 (12 Aug '19) - just got a resteem & vote from @theadmiral0 in Wales - that brings us up to a baker's dozen - great to see you are still about @theadmiral0

SteemWales Meetup #2 ?

We had the first (and only so far) SteemWales meetup in February 2018.

Would anyone be interested in a second Wales meetup?

Maybe in the north, maybe in the south or maybe in the middle as before.

As a small point of reference all these Wales steemians were from the list of 24 active steemians in Wales & the South West...

@abergurl, @cryptocariad, @elizabethharvey. @eveningart, @francesleader, @happysmileyman, @jen0revision, @jimbobbill, @louisthomas, @owenwat, @p-props, @pennsif, @perceptualflaws, @pumpkinsandcats, @stevejhuggett, @stevelivingston, @sunsethunter, @theadmiral0, @theturtleproject, @timothyallen, @tinygalaxy, @ukbitcoinmaster, @wales, @welshstacker

Three others (in the south west) appear to still be active - @perceptualflaws, @sunsethunter and @ukbitcoinmaster.

That makes a total of 14 out of 24 on the December list.

If that sort of ratio is repeated across the whole country that would make the total active in the whole of the UK to be around 90.

So with hopefully a few new people that have joined since last December, and remained active, that will put the total active steemians in the UK at around 100.

Looks like there is some work to do.

More follows...

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I'm from Cardiff, and if there is another meet up then it would have to be close or I wouldn't be able to afford to get to it

South Wales is looking like the most likely location now.

Would you be able to get to Swansea for example?

I could get the bus

That's good.

I still keep telling my friends I steemit. One day!

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Hopefully soon...

Also I am up for a meet again =D Feels like ages and the last ones was really good.


It looks like there might be more people southwards this time.

What is your travelling range?

Train or car really I can do either.

I go down to Cardiff with the Greens quite a lot

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Somewhere in South Wales is looking like the most popular choice so far.

Sounds good to me =D

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Steemit came, steemit went.... I didn't! Still here and loving it.

Where were you thinking for the meet up?

We had it in in Lampeter last time, but i'd happily travel again.

Where are you in our beautiful country?

Haven't thought of a location or venue yet.

You are south Wales somewhere aren't you?

5 mins off junction 34 M4 and about 2 minutes from the Royal mint tour experience 😉 if you want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

I've never been to the Royal Mint - do they give free samples 😊

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