Day 4: Challenge Completed: 180 Reps

in fitnesschallenge •  7 months ago

Once you get into a habit, motivation is normally not needed, this is where you want to get with any regiment. I am well on the way to getting there but the workouts are hard I just have to push through. I am getting there slowly but surely.



Shoulder press 12 x 3 kb 12kg each side repeated .
KB row 12 x 3 24 kg
KB Deadlift 12 x 3 24 kg

1 min Jump Rope

Arm circles
Alternating Arm swings
Shoulder rotations

Post workout stretch: Foam roll the back. Or arms above head stretch.

snap (23).jpg

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Thanks @steveconnor for the inspirational words. I really appreciate it!

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hey great job of inspiring us @hansdewet! keep up the good work and cool posts!