How am I taking my Weight loss to the Next Level?

in fitness •  8 months ago

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When I started this journey 2 months ago I was expecting it to be much harder than I am experiencing it now. I thought reducing carbs will be a disaster for me, because I felt like I had motivational issues. But I have not once cheated this entire time, which I am super proud of. It will be easy from here as I am pretty much in routine now and it has become a habit.

I have been plateauing these past 2 weeks and between 101-104 kg. All this time without much exercise. that 10kg loss since 114kg when I started.

I finally am able to run again on my food after a injury and also play rugby again. I was very sick with the flu this weekend and will be starting something new now, here are some of the actions I will be taking to take it next level. I will be starting a epic new challenge here on steemit called the 100+ rep challenge where you must use the tag fitnesschallenge you can find the original Here by @steemmatt .

The challenge is pretty simple, do 100+ reps of any movement daily and start the reply with: Challenge completed.

I will be hopefully starting tomorrow. I need to post progress pictures and a starting point for this new challenge.

Join me in the fitness journey and I will try to post the challenge daily. And lets get fit together!



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Ironman! howdy from Texas @hansdewet! You have ALOT more discipline than I do as far as staying Keto and not cheating, I mean wow that's tough when first starting.

In order to stay with the eating plan I made a deal with my wife that I could have a cheat day every 2 weeks or else I'd go crazy. I know I know, that's weak but who knows, perhaps in a few months I won't have a desire to cheat. You are going to do this challenge and lift more, are you going to increase your protein intake?

By the way, the area looks very attractive there in South Africa, how is the weather? thanks for a great post!


Hey @janton when fasting your body releases more growth hormone. So the longer the fast the less protein you require. I tend to not count calories, but I tend to snack on nuts too much some days and that can really kick your but. So to answer your protein question. No, I won't be adding protein. I also don't take any supplements as well I think they are a money making scheme. I eat till satisfied. When I do start flattening out I'll just remove my coffee the mornings. Fast 16 hours and count my macros, hopefully it doesn't get to that.

SA has amazing weather now we have had some well needed rain in the western cape. It's beautiful now. Especially down the coasts.


Howdy @hansdewet! Are you saying that fasting for 16 hrs per day would release enough growth hormone to add muscle if one is lifting weights? and if so would that work for older athletes like in their 60s? I agree with you totally on the supplements, huge waste of money as far as the protein/muscle building powders almost all are worthless. Remove your coffee? talk about discipline! I don't think I'll be parting with my coffee anytime soon. thanks so much for the information!


Older folk do need more protein as you age. Do yes if I where older I would increase protein every year. I'll never leave coffee I just have to reschedule it to after the fast. Because I can't have coffee without milk :) and milk is "eating" during a fast.