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RE: The EN "Main Exercise Center"

in #fitness2 years ago

Hey @showoff! I offered to do some "community sharing", if you will join my crew I will recommend them to your system as well! Perhaps we can share members, I have a VERY Strong Bot that multiplies upvotes in a trading setup, they vote up my bot and the Bot votes up their posts once a day, the going rate is now about 13¢ per vote. If you are interested I will leave a link but only if you ask for it. #minnowbootcamp is one of the best arrangements for NEW Steemians, and we can also school them in better content as well. You offer better physical fitness, and as a BOOT CAMP I Know that is a definite need!
I could use your program for my minnows and then you can award them points for their participation, and I can add it to their spreadsheet report. LMK if you think we can arrange something, if I make it a "points system" for doing your program, many will do it, a few at first, and then more.


Messaged you in Discord.