"Stair"-Crazy Home Workout

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Given that most of the world is on at least partial lock-down at the moment, myself and the many other fitness trainers out there are more than happy to help keep people active even from the comfort of your own home! Home workouts are nothing new, of course, but you can never have too many variations in your roster to keep your fitness routine fresh and fun. Stress levels are bound to be high, so what better way to fight that feeling of getting stir crazy than with a good workout.

I love a good theme, so today we're sticking with a common piece of architecture you can find in just about any building--a set of stairs! My hope is that most of you have at least a small stairwell somewhere in your house. If not, hop on outside on a nice day and find some outdoors to try this one out. You can also use a step or plyo box for most of these moves if you have one in your home gym. As always, use this scheme as a base and get creative to make it work for you at home!

  1. Step Up with Hip Extension
  2. Knee Hike
  3. Side Step Up with a Twist
  4. Stair Jumps
  5. Pushups
  6. Dips
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Hand Steps
  9. Run the Stairs

Perform each of the first eight moves for 10 repetitions (on both sides for the ones that are single leg), and finish each round with a one-minute climb and down the stairs. You can run up and down, or take two steps at a time going slower as another option. Complete as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes for a quick workout guaranteed to get your heart rate up!

To modify the leg exercises keep the foot on the lowest stair, and to make them more intense use the second or even third step for a high step or jump up. For the upper body, placing your hands higher up will make the movements easier. For a challenge on the pushups place your hands on the floor and elevate your feet on the steps. Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment!

With all of the crazy things going on in the world right now, everyone is impacted by the stress and uncertainty. Taking time out daily to move your body is just as important now as ever. Even just 30 minutes can improve your mood and help boost your immune system. Having some sense of routine by exercising at the same time every day can really help keep you grounded if you are used to going in to the office and working a set schedule every day. Have the family join in if you can for extra fun! Of course if you are not feeling well, make sure to listen to your body and give it appropriate rest before returning to your normal exercise routine.

Myself and the other trainers at Excellence in Exercise are also starting to offer online training via Zoom, so if you are interested in a consult to talk about virtual training please reach out so we can chat!

*Make sure to consult your healthcare professional when beginning a new workout routine. Routine intended for fun and motivation not a specific workout prescription. :)

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Damn, that looks like it would fight off the stress for a week! Great routine there to beat away the blues! I was only half joking when I shared that manic stair gif with you but you actually did it 😁

I'll keep my fingers crossed you get a few taking up the offer of remote training sessions 🤞

Haha, thanks Nicky! I might be pulling this one out again for myself in the coming days. Always fun to add to the repertoire there. And with so many people staying at home, I'm more than happy to give 'em ways to stay active and healthy as possible!

I think once Vimm is more mature it can be combined with actifat and we can start sweatsteem live streams! Basically like peloton but not for rich housewives

There's another exercise app called Sweatcoin which runs in the background and pays in crypto which you can redeem for fitness products that's kinda cool too. If you go running or hiking (or are outdoors a lot), just have your phone with you... kinda cool. Exercise + crypto is a win

SoMeones clearly trying thi thicc’ her booty to store some extra mass come corona lock down! Smart move! Luckily I’m genetically predisposed to have a big ass so it doesn’t take as much steps but I do love me a good squat session, box jumps and stairs

Gotta stay quick and strong if I need to run from the crazies...😂

LOL and at the very least be fast enough to be the first to grab some poop paper since that is the item of the year right now! So hot right now

A great routine to get both exercise and de-stress

The de-stressing really is key right now, isn't it? Those Wednesday Walks have become even more important these days if people can get them!

Yes indeed, I think these days its key for people to get accurate information and stay calm, finding a way to deal with the strees and be sensible is all we can do

Working out is also a great way to naturally keep the body healthy, nice workout! - @fenngen

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Thanks @fenngen! I know my daily exercise is a true safe haven right now. I'm hoping I can easily transition into doing online sessions with my clients to keep them going during this time, as well!

It's tough to stay afloat but you got this girl!

Thanks @edouard! I hope you and that fantastic mama of yours are doing well! 💚

excellent game-plan. I might incorporate a bit of this into my own workout for the next month or however long this lasts.

Always ways to adapt when we can't get to the gym, right? In some ways it's kind of nice as an opportunity to work on some aspects of fitness that I don't always think about working on, so I'm trying to look at the positive side. :)

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