Struggles of Intermittent Fasting

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In my last post, I wrote about what Intermittent Fasting is and some tips on it. I wanted to discuss some struggles I have encountered.

Struggle #1: I LOVE FOOD!!!
I found that it is not so much that I am hungry (most of the time). It is simply the fact that I love food! In my last post I mentioned this also. It is sort of an addiction. One of the things I do when I am tempted to eat during my fasting window, is I will drink a lot of water. This seems to help for a little bit.

Stuggle #2: Eating the wrong kinds of Food.
Growing up I was the pickyiest eater IN THE WORLD. I was raised on Steak and Potatos. Luckily, my mom did not keep a lot of soda and sweets in the house (because she was diabetic). For me it is that I crave carbs. To help combat that, we live many miles away from the nearest restaurant which helps to not eat out and to cook at home. When we do go grocery shopping I try to only buy ingredients such as meat, veggies, fruit, and butter. I do buy cheese, which some people will say is a huge no-no, but hey, we are trying to kick the carbs and sugar first! Baby Steps is key!

Stuggle #3: Exercising everyday. I usually go on about a 1-2 mile walk everyday. It helps to get a walking buddy (unless they decide to go on vacation to visit family for 6 weeks) Grr! LOL! For me, I try to get the walk out of the way first thing in the morning and make it a part of my morning routine. This really helps!

In this article, I wanted to point out some struggles I have faced with intermittent fasting. I hope this has been helpful encouraging! If so, please FOLLOW, UPVOTE, COMMENT, and RESTEEM to show your appreciation and want for more articles like this.

Please comment on what some of your own struggles have been in reaching your health and fitness goals.

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I saw your post where you spoke about intermittent fasting, I wish you best luck for achiving your goals. I never tried it, right now i feel awesome so I won't change anything. But, maybe one day my wish of trying fasting grows stronger. I would like to read how do you feel, whats your energy, concentration, are you angry, or chill etc etc :) And of course, try using markdown or html. It will make your post look more atractive :)
see ya


Haha! Yes! I am still trying to figure out how to manage all the comments...and HTML....whew!!

As for my energy, concentration, etc....I don't feel any different than before. My main thing is the cravings...


oh then it's oke.. cravings will go easyli just have patience :)


I know, I know. Right?
Here's mine:
Fasting - More time on Steemit!


@mhrose Thanks for sharing! My notifications are screwy and I did not see this somehow...

I am happy that the coffee helps with cravings. I used to drink a lot of coffee...then I cut back to very very little. My hubby and I will be celebrating 8 years of marriage next weekend and we have for some reason had trouble conceiving....Recently I have been trying to do everything I can to help in that department and they say coffee is bad for your fertility. I may drink around one cup a week, if that, now. Plus, I always like mine with cream and sugar. Never tried it with just butter, but it just doesn't sound right, hahaha! I have heard a lot of people do the butter in their coffee though...


OMG. I suggest you read the Better Baby Book. Journey to conceive laid out well. I got mine free from the library.

Also, this podcast was incredibly informative before and after conceiving: Dr Jolene Brighten on Women's Health and the "4th Trimester"

If you don't want to listen, u can read the transcript.