Life is a Highway - Motivation Monday - The Keto Cut Day 7

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Welcome to day 7 of The Keto Cut - a series that will follow my daily routines as I cut for the summer on a ketogenic diet. These posts may not be for all of you as they are intensely focused on fitness and nutrition. Health is one of the most important parts of my life and I take it very seriously and I figured I would share my experiences and daily "logs" with all of you who may also be interested in this topic.

I’m 7 days deep into the Ketogenic diet, I definitely have reached a level of ketosis, though I typically will see a higher level of ketones as week 2 progresses - based on my past experiences with the diet.

I missed 3 days of these logs and I apologize for that. I didn't break the diet, but this past weekend I've been in a sort of "hibernation" mode. Sometimes I can have a rough transition into ketosis and I can feel extremely fatigued and flat out lazy. I watched some movies, enjoyed the sunny weather here in Chicago and just relaxed while my body adapted. I hit the gym 2 out of these 3 days, but it was definitely a rough experience.

These last 3 days have been pretty brutal to be honest - I’ve been feeling extra tired and fatigued. This is normal when you’re first adapting to Ketosis, so I wasn’t too taken aback, but I have been sleeping a lot more and trying to rest up so I don’t actually catch a cold or cause any unnecessary stress to my body - when cortisol is released, fat storage is more prominent. That’s why I like to minimize stress when dieting so that I can keep the weight off and keep my body in the best possible conditions to burn fat.

I was also listening to a bunch of podcasts and doing some thinking. This "lazy" attitude prompted me to think of a recent podcast I listened to - it was the Joe Rogan Experience and he was interviewing David Goggins - an ultra-endurance athlete and retired Navy Seal. I’ll link the episode down below, I recommend checking it out!

Anyways, David Goggins runs like nobody's business. A typical race for him is about 100-150 miles long. That's 100-150 miles in a single session. Goggins has a really amazing attitude towards life and he said something in the podcast that I loved. He mentioned life being like a 4 way highway and there's a shovel that you can pick up and start digging your own path. I extended on this idea and here's what I came up with:

Life is like a 4 lane highway. The 4 lanes represent the paths that people have taken before, those lanes are the easy ways of tackling life. You can simply drive down these lanes without having to work hard and forge a path of your own.

But there's a shovel on the side of the road. Most people - 99.9% of the people in the world - step right over that shovel and head down one of the 4 lanes. The 0.1% are the outliers - they're the ones who decide on their mission. They're the ones crazy enough to pick up that shovel and start digging. They dig and they dig their entire lives, no matter what life throws at them, they continue to dig and forge forward through rain, sleet, snow... anything. They don't make excuses. They don't whine about how hard the work is or how they could just easily hop on one the highway and drive mindlessly like everyone else.

They shun that part of their mind that continually tells them to give up. They shut it out and keep moving forward, because they know that the second they stop moving forward is the second that they start to die.

Day 7 Log:


Start WeightGoal WeightWeight Lost
Today's WeightFat Mass (%)Body Mass BMI


Off Day

What I Ate Today:

0Coffee with 2 TBSP MCT Oil
14 Eggs, 2 Slices of Cheddar Cheese, 6 oz deli chicken
210 Oz Ground Beef and Spinach cooked in 2 TBSP Coconut Oil
38 Oz Steak, Broccoli Topped with Butter
44 Servings of Mixed Nuts, 1 Avocado, 1 TBSP MCT Oil

Here's the Question of The Day, don't forget to post your answers in the comments!

QOTD: What goals are you planning on conquering this week? Are you going to make excuses, or get back to forging your own path next to the highway of life?

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to leave your thoughts below and I look forward to seeing you in the comments!


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Keto is one of the good option for meat lovers. But I have a question that when we shift our system towards keto it may cause flu or nausea? Because I saw many people who faced this situation at the start of this diet.

Keep up the good work! I wish I had discipline like you.


Been on the keto train myself for about 6 months.
Unlike a lot of remarks here, I didnt find it difficult to change my diet. Yes - giving up pasta, rice and bread was a bit of a challenge, but nearly as hard as I imagined.

Lost 20-25 lbs pretty quickly, but have been stagnating for a while. Either because of cheating while on vacation, or long work hours and eating something less than low carb (O:

Do you not put butter in your morning coffee? I feel like it is a must, unless you plan to eat before 1PM.

Hi everyone! pls do help to upvote this post for my friend's father's heart. They need our support right now..

7 days already, seems to be flying right on by, but the results will begin to pour in, especially in the upcoming weeks as you mention... I have recently been doing some research and I have decided to try out a different diet hack known as carb cycling, which I am sure you've heard of before (you seem like a pretty well educated guy..)

Essentially this method involves dieting around planned increases and decreases in carbohydrate intake (and generally in caloric intake as well)

I am not 100% positive but it may even be a for of the ketogenic diet... you may know more about this than me...

anyways, keep up the solid work and the results will start to pour in, in no time... also if you haven't seen my recent post

you should check it out because you are mentioned in it... you don't necessarily have to partake, but I thought you would be a stellar candidate and was looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this

See you around mate, steem on!!

Yeah flying right through it, the days are passing really fast, but I've got a small vacation planned in the near-future, so I've got to get into tip-top shape before then!

Yes, carb cycling! There's a couple different ways of going about that. I'm on a cyclical ketogenic diet - which basically means that I just eat a strict keto diet for 10-14 days in a row and then have a "carb-up" day and eat a ton of carbs for 1 day and then immediately go back to the strict keto regime.

There's a few other methods for carb cycling, one is called "carb-backloading" which is something I've also tried in the past. It's where you eat a strict keto diet during the day, work out at night and then have 1-2 huge meals post-workout that are heavy in carbs (thus the name - backloading your carbs after your workout).

Ahh thanks for reminding me! I did see that briefly pop up but hadn't read it yet, I'll bookmark it and read it tonight!

See you around as well, let me know if you have any questions about the carb cycling, I'd be glad to answer them! I'll also try to add some more details to these posts as my first cycle closes in! 🚀

man that would be tough, I feel like that one 'high' carb day would just make me crave more on that 10-14 day span of strict keto.

Yeah, backloading sounds like a method good for trying to 'beef' up and really back on some nice muscle gains.

Keep up the solid work on that regime, you won't regret it when you're on vacation my man!
have fun, safe travels & steem on khaleel

Spring is here but winter is envious. Thanks for keeping us updated @khaleelkazi. Congratulations. You are officially a dolphin. You must be doing something right. Your keto diet actually sounds tasty. It makes me think of Oscar's.

They weather has been warm in Korea. I walked 5 miles through the mountain behind our house with my boys and an American friend. I didn't post anything Monday. I kind of feel like Steemit is the school board and I'm on strike. But I know I am the owner because I hold the keys.

Expect a cold snap before Spring really comes.

Spring is here but winter is envious.

Couldn't agree more! Thanks, I actually didn't notice that I hit 10m vests, that's fantastic! Orca is 100m, correct?

"I kind of feel like Steemit is the school board and I'm on strike. But I know I am the owner because I hold the keys."
Haha I love the way you put that! That's also great that it's warm and you're enjoying some walks in nature. I'm really terrible about taking the time to enjoy nature and walk around myself. It's definitely something I need to work on. I'm usually sitting at a desk or running from meeting to meeting all day. Oh yeah, I'm still prepared for the cold snaps and I've got my jacket on me at all times just in case!

All metaphors. I know you are ready.

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Glad to be back to active mode on Steemit after a few hibernation myself. Tomorrow will make it two months since I jumped on this ship and it's a big one for me.

The last few days I have been taking some steps back to look at my stay here and the life I lead in the real world. With this I try to look at my progress so far and strike a balance. My major goal this week and the next two weeks leading to my birthday is going to be that of much reflection and reexamination of the path I have created for myself in this life.

I hope to make it on the road which is less taken and that will make all the difference.

It's great to get some rest, am I right? Congrats on your 2 months! It's been a great adventure!

That's a great goal and it's amazing that you're taking some time to reflect (happy early birthday by the way!)

It will absolutely make all the difference, pick up that shovel and keep forging ahead, my friend!

Glad to see the update! I wanted to let you know seeing this quite often I started doing a slight diet myself. Not all my friends are quite healthy. I got myself some apples and oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are just smaller portions. I'm with you on this diet!

Thanks @jason7282! That's fantastic! I'm so glad that you're taking your health more seriously, our bodies are like a recipe and without the right ingredients, we'll experience all sorts of problems. Apples and oatmeal are a really healthy option for breakfast - did you feel energized and ready to go after eating breakfast?

Let's get these gains together my friend 💪🏽

I thought of it as I'm not young forever so I need to help my body out. This is actually day 3 and yea this is a natural feeling that is quite energizing. Cheers !

its my 16th day and i carbed up yesterday and but back on track now. had 2 bpc and 4 eggs for the whole day. i am trying to get back into ketosis quicker

That's phenomenal @mariahbill! Keep up the good work! I'll probably have my first carb up day around day 14-15 as well! Getting right back on the horse is the key!

This is kind of a stab in the dark, but does "bpc" stand for bulletproof coffee? If so, do you make it or buy them pre-made?

yes it is bullet proof coffee. i make it at home its super easy and fills you up. boil up some coffe add 2 tbsp of heavy cream and 1 tsp coconut oil/butter then blend it in a blender and warm it up again if needed. i add a tsp of coconut oil to mine.

I made a cup this morning using a variation on your recipe (I swapped heavy cream for half and half and did 1 tbsp of MCT oil). It was incredible! I can't wait to make more! Thanks for sharing that!

i am glad that you liked it .you are welcome :)

This is really challenging, you're giving up alot to achieve your goal. Am also trying to work on my diet and eat healthy meal probably that would aid my skin

Yeah it's been a struggle @gaintshoulder - a struggle is what makes us stronger and we have to keep forging ahead! That's great, keep up the good work! I've dealt with issues of eczema in the past and have found a lot of benefits in the ketogenic diet that help improve my skin quality and reduce the flare ups of my eczema, I highly recommend that you check the diet out if you're dealing with similar skin issues!

I know where you are coming from. When I first started my keto diet it took a while to not feel fatigued. Once you break that level of fatigue you feel amazing! I try and eat an avocado a day with my diet, tons of chicken, and working out on top of it. I hope to see more updates and wish you luck with your diet.

Yeah it's amazing once you break through the fatigue in the beginning! I also eat an avocado a day, nuts are also a great snack! Thanks, good luck to you as well!

Good read! It's not too bad to take a rest my friend. We need it sometimes.

Thanks @gvincentjosephm! I agree, sometimes a rest will allow us to come back 10x better and more capable of getting a lot more work done!

To add to that, it will also allow us to come back with fresh eyes and greater pleasure in our work!

I havent seen the previous entries sorry - have you done a keto bulk before?

Been interested in keto but never actually done it. Im a bit of a 'hard gainer' so generally struggle to get enough calories and always trying to bulk

It's all good, yeah I've bulked for a few months on keto before, to be honest, I prefer carbs for bulking - but more for the flavor and less for the benefits. Keto is probably a more efficient bulk, but the carbs on a traditional bulk can be delicious and a nice mental break.

If you're a hard-gainer, I would tell you to just eat more calorie dense foods - avocados, nuts, cheese, pasta, etc. Something that you can eat loads of and still enjoy. Maybe even add some dessert to the end of each meal.

Carbs will definitely allow you to bulk with greater ease in my opinion because they are much less filling when compared to their fatty counterparts

Thanks. I probably shouldn't complain its an excuse to eat what I want haha!!

Wow you missed three days of the podcast and yet you still kept with the diet, I know it must be pretty challenging,
The diet down seems healthy and good to maintain a very good standard health.

I would suggest sometimes sir, that you do a dsound podcast sometimes or even dlive for your podcast to really be seen, this is pretty amazing

That's a really interesting idea actually, I would love to do something on Dlive and Dsound, I'll look into it a bit more, thanks for the suggestion @josediccus!

dlive is becoming one of my favorite platforms...They just had a new update as well

I’m inclined to agree with you @gallerani! It’s becoming amazing and I see that they’re continuing to improve, exciting stuff!

Certainly sir, you're welcome

How is it that you and I think alike when I am in Korea and you are in Africa?

Hahahaha well maybe we share like minds

Keep it going dude. First few days are gonna be tough. But it's definitely worth it

Thanks! I agree, it's always rough in the beginning, but it's always worth it!

Yes definitely worth it! Working on yourself is always rewarding

I think one of the best ways to work on yourself is to ready daily and as a non compromise habit. It leads to other great developments too

Great writing skill... After reading your article, I am really inspiring @khaleelkazi... I think,

Negative thoughts are guaranteed to bring us down. Be grateful for our gifts, and we can't help but learn to love our body.

Thanks @prince121! Negative thoughts do indeed bring us down, it's important to have gratitude and to love yourself - if you don't love yourself, then how do you expect anyone else to?

"if you don't love yourself, then how do you expect anyone else to?"

That's amazing, I truly believe that as well

Oh absolutely! Loving yourself is the first step to being happy and attracting other happy people as well

Thanks for appreciate my comment @khaleelkazi in right mind...
You are right. Gratitude is more important for expecting other....

really its a motivational will help us.thanks

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i heard that Ketosis can develop into life threatening Keto-acidosis. is it true?

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Nice post, thanks for sharing @khaleelkazi

Enjoy your buff, thin.....short life while you can. Suggesting Keto to anyone should be a crime. Are you the next Bob Harper?

Nice post bro @khaleelkazi

Thanks, what'd you like most about the post?

Nice write up dear, thanks for sharing

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wow... thats a lot of food still.

Yeah it is! That's what I love about keto, it doesn't really feel like I'm dieting, I'm just eating a lot of meat, cheese and veggies instead of pastas and bread

Pastas and bread are the first things I would say should be cut out of an average diet

Cheese, meat and veggies are healthy and tasty!

Yea they are healthy and tasty and they are also filling more so than carbs

Totally agree gallerani!

Excelnte publication @khaleelkazi the truth I'm discovering just today, but it is interesting this diet and especially the motivation that your words carry. You already have one more follower. Greetings from Venezuela

Oh man that is some good dieting!

I am working on doing vegan smoothies this week with Vega. Going to get rid of 10 lbs easy this way. You inspired me brother!

I follow a different diet. I have lost 45 pounds. I basically cut down on carbohydrates, flours and sugars. I also walk between 30 and 45 minutes every morning and a little elliptical bike in the afternoons. I hope to lose 15 pounds more and I will be at my ideal weight. Success in your purpose. Whatever the method, I think the important thing is to feel good and achieve a balance between body and mind.

I already upvote ✌

Now Im very impressed in your Ketogenic diet challenging. Even though I dont like broccoli, I`ll try step by step.

Thanks! I hope you do, let me know how it goes!

Haha I love broccoli!

I love broccoli as well, especially when topped with garlic salt.

hello I really like your publication and what you experience with your body, but remember that not everyone can take it, there are people who do it well, except that their metabolism and lifestyle are different with different responsibilities and demands, we can get people that begin this lifestyle less drastic and more saludbkes and durable without extremes @khaleelkazi

it looks like you should better regulate your calories @khaleelkazi

How do you mean @mulyariziki? I'm on a no carb diet, calories are less of a concern than the macronutrients - I'm aiming for high fat, low carb, moderate protein.

Macro-tracking is far superior to just calorie tracking in my opinion!

Absolutely. It's way more accurate and a great way to understand what exactly is going in your body and how it affects your weight loss.

Totally agree with you gallerani! It's the way that works best for me!

Wow!! This is wonderful... Thanks a big time for the wonderful tip...

Hola amigo.
Apenas comienzo a leer tus post.
Este es genial..... Reducir consumo de hidratos de carbono e incrementar el consumo de grasas buenas. Muy bueno.
Ando en los cuatro carriles y con pala en mano.
La meta principal de esta semana es aumentar el consumo de agua a los 8 vasos.
Saludos Gracias