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We all see prisoners in documentaries and in shows that are extremely jacked. Most prisoners have horrible diets due to the poor nutrition they are fed in prison. Pictured below you can see somehow these inmates are getting very muscular..


They get food that is low in nutrients and protein, and high in fat and quick carbs most of the time. Pictured below are two prison meals from an average American Prison. They only get 2,818 calories a day (but these are empty or bad calories that are usually turned into fat if not burned off). As you see each meal costs a whopping $1.77?!!!! In addition to that prisoners don’t usually get a lunch, they only get breakfast and dinner.

By looking at some of the foods liked fried rice, beans, cornbread, cake, and biscuits you wouldn’t think a consumer could gain muscle off of this. If you talked to a conventional nutritionist they would probably tell you it’s nearly impossible to get muscular off of a diet like this!



Prisons are notorious for having minimal weight lifting equipment in the yards with only a certain set of weights. Prisoners sometimes have to resort to push-ups, pull-ups, and sit ups for additional muscle work. A fitness professional would tell you that in addition to be eating a great diet, you also need to take supplements and need to be on a robust weight lifting routine with various different weight machines and free weights.

Yet somehow prisoners can and do get jacked...

Let’s take a look at a few potential reasons why...

Eat or Be Eaten


Prisoners have to be big and strong or else they will be bullied and picked on. When a new inmate checks into prison, he is seen as weak and vulnerable. It is a matter of survival. Lifting becomes the most important thing for survival and so inmates must make that a priority. Prisoners are constantly pushing themselves with the small gym equipment that they have and are regularly doing bodyweight exercises (push-ups) in their cell.

High Testosterone


Prisoners generally have higher testosterone than the average male. It’s this high testosterone that encouraged risky criminal behavior and got them arrested in the first place. Also, inmates tend to be young and testosterone is highest when you are in your late teens and 20’s. Testosterone is essential in protein synthesis, the process by which you build muscle and these guys have more than enough of it!

Strict Gym Routine


Prisoners most likely have a gym routine. They are on a strict schedule because they have the luxury of time. They don’t have many other errands to do. They don’t have to worry about paying taxes, paying for child support, working a menial job in an office, or sitting in traffic (hehe all jokes aside, these are occurrences that prevent most men from lifting).

Optimal Sleep and No Alcohol


They get enough sleep and don’t consume alcohol. Prisoners usually go to bed and wake up around the same time everyday based on the guard’s schedule. Also, without the availability of alcohol, their testosterone isn’t lowered. Alcohol impairs muscle building and deep sleep, both negatives of muscle building that they avoid!



Last but not least – Steroids. Every prisoner has access to drugs somehow or someway. All prisoners who work out may not take steroids or may not need to, but if they had access to it, it would certainly enhance their muscle gains.


So there you have it folks. My speculative thoughts into how prisoners, who don’t have great gym equipment and have poor diets, somehow manage to change themselves into mean and muscular beasts. This goes to show you that it is really determination, persistence, and grit that build a great physique! I hope this article made you more interested in the art and sport of bodybuilding. I try to build the best content around health and fitness on here, and I figured this article would be a nice little change-up!

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Until Next Time...Best Regards

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You think they don't drink alcohol, but do steroids? Any prisoner who is serious about lifting, has ways to get the food they need to maintain their muscle mass.

correct, working in the kitchen would be the way to do this easily.

You might be right but it's hard to get regular increments of food first a one time steroid donation. Yeah some inmates probably do alcohol you're most likely right. The ones you gain muscle probably aren't drinking a lot tho.
Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

That's not how steroids work though. They only work with consistent cycles, the minimum being 6 weeks to see any decent results. I realize not all steroids come in the form of a suspension liquid, but the most effective ones do. This would make it inherently more difficult to get, as then they would also need access to the needles along with a way to hide 10ml bottles.

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Wo this is very interesting. Does this have a Buddhist influence? Very neat. Did you like my article's content though?

Cool post man. Fun fact: there is actually a specialty gym called CON BODY in New York that focuses on "prison inspired workouts". In other words, it's the prison experience for private school kids lol. Keep it up!

Con Body. Sounds cool. I'll have to check it out when I come visit! Prison experience for private school kids haha that's hilarious!

They work out. A lot. Many begin the day they arrive, and never stop. Some prisons offer weights and tracks, basketball courts and the like, others offer farmwork.

Most convicts realize that it’s healthier to be fit. They realize they might defend themselves better if they are fit and strong. They also realize they have just about unlimited time. So the time worn adage of “I’d work out if I only had the time” is one that just won’t fly in prison.

Haha great post man..

I think the main point is a loooooot of time.
One of the best things you can do with your time in prison ;-P

I love your posts @infinityroad ! I'm honored that you follow me and leave comments! And yes, I think if everyone allotted more time to working out, then they would get so much stronger! Yes, probably THE best thing you can do with your time in prison :P

Thanks for your kind words.
Of course I’m commentating and voting for your posts.
I upvote good content and so yours is. ;-)

Haha would do we learn from your post?

If you want to get big, just get in jail :P

According to some information, not all types of alcohol interfere with health, and I do not argue because very much alcohol damages the body.
Thanks for best topic @jfitmisc

Thanks for the comment! Different types of alcohol interfere with healthy differently. I would like to learn more about that!

I really appreciate your efforts, keep sharing health information, your post has more value

Wine is alcohol. But it's good for the heart.

So those guys who want to be muscular, should promote a prisoner's life? So should we start jailing ourselves inside our houses? (just kidding)

@jfitmisc you did good at this one!

We can take a prisoners life with a grain of salt, hehe :P. We'd be better off from a weight lifting perspective if we spent more time stress free and eating right in our houses than at a stressful desk job!

Can I suggest something for you? How about writing about physical fitness for teenagers?

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