Building a Better Body (Part 1): Introduction

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In this ongoing series, I’d like to offer insight and inspiration to anyone seeking to alter their physical appearance via resistance training and related fitness activities. Rather than offering a cookie-cutter program, or magazine-style “tips and tricks” that sound great when you read them but yield nothing in the long run, the goal here is to develop a foundational perspective on fitness that will establish a firm foothold for ongoing success.

My degree is in philosophy, but I have made fitness my profession. Both have been the focus of my own personal study for over 20 years. I’ve held numerous major certifications and exhausted libraries and bookstores, devouring everything I could get my hands on in relation to personal growth and bodybuilding.

Even if I had doubled or tripled these efforts, I would still not consider myself the final authority on these subjects, or lay any claim to expertise. In fact, I believe no one deserves the title of “expert” in any field concerned with personal evolution, especially if it means that their word takes precedence over your own experience.

Like everyone else, I’ve had experiences in my life which I have distilled and refined into a system of thought and action, and it’s being offered here for your review with the hope that it will be of benefit. Approach this information from the perspective of seeking personal value, not blind acceptance, as the latter course will ultimately leave you in no better position than when you started.

After earnestly considering what’s written, if it makes sense to you, apply it in your life and prove its worthiness to yourself. But more importantly, use this information as a basis for thought, which you can refine into your own personal framework. In this way, you will be able to move forward confidently without further guidance from others, always knowing exactly what to do next.

Make self-sufficiency the primary focus of your efforts and your reward will be true wisdom that extends far beyond the realm of fitness.

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I can’t wait to get started exploring this topic together! By unlocking the full potential of both mind and body, we become the truest expression of ourselves.

Thanks for checking in!
Brian Blackwell

~Image by comic artist Joe Jusko~