Spell Your Name and Do The Workout Challenge - Wellness Wednesday by A Panama Mama

in #fitness6 years ago

I was flipping through my Instagram again this evening and saw this fun exercise challenge. I am failing miserably at the 30 day 50 push up challenge I posted last week, so maybe it is time for a new one. Perhaps this is the kind of work out I can fit into my day.


What you are supposed to do is spell out your name and then do the work out associated with each letter of your name. For instance, I would do (S) 30 bicycle crunches, (A) 15 pushups and (M) 15 squat jumps if my name were Sam. So I already pretty much know I cannot do the 15 pushups, so perhaps I would have to do them on my knees! Ha. You use this chart to figure out your workout based on your name which I got from the lazygirlchallenges account on Instagram.

I was trying to think of ways to keep it from getting boring doing the same workout all the time. I was thinking you could do your first, middle and last name, your Steemit name, your mom's name, your significant other's name, your kids' names, your best friend's name, your name translated to another language...the options are pretty much endless!

What do you think about this challenge?


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Now that's a fun way to change up your workout! So for me I'd do:

C - 20 crunches
A - 15 pushups
T - 60-sec wall sit
E - 60-sec wall sit

I'll have to try it out and I like the idea of changing it up by using other names in your family. LMK how it goes for you :)

Nice! That would be a lot of sitting on the wall at the end. I don't know if I would make it. :)

Cool I like this idea a lot. Great way to really get people to work on their fitness in a simple format. =)

Yes, I was thinking of having my kids do a simpler version. I bet there is one out there. I've seen one before, just need to find it. I don't see my kids doing burpees ;)

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