Posted TOOTTC Film to IMDb and a Distributor Called!

in #filmmaking4 years ago

Exposure for your film is key. The Director for 'The Order of Things to Come' posted the details of film on his personal IMDb page along with the the Film's trailer. Well because of the film's trailer and because his contact information on IMDb is up to date, he received an email enquiry! It's all in the the detail.


Seems like good progress is being made.

Looking forward to seeing TOOTTC sometime soon...

It will be a while. The Film Festival Campaign is one year. Once we finish the campaign we will have a release on Steemit.

Well played!

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Thanks Ash! Stay in touch

Will do! Always following your progress and film related work on STEEM with admiration and respect.

I’m keen to make a film of my own someday so watching your journey gives me food for thought and reflection. Cheers!

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