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Well, after I read the asked for critiques of my screenplay, I came to the conclusion that 'BLU' needs a polish. The story is tight. The dialogue is good, but as I said in an earlier blog, I need help when it comes to developing character through dialogue and therefore I will hire some help.

What do I mean when I say 'develop character through dialogue'.

I was watching a TV series the other day. It was a mystery about a murdered Chef of a 'posh' restaurant. The first investigator said the name of the restaurant. The second cop was saddened and went on to name the dishes the chef was known for and how he would miss his wonderful hospitality - to the surprise of the first cop. Through those few lines we learn a lot about the second cop and reveal a big difference between him and his partner since the first cop had never heard of the chef - good writing revealing character.

If I was writing that scene, I'd have probably had cop two say, " Yeah, that restaurant's just down the street"! Ha!


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