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Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - 26/12/2019

Today I’ve been writing he all day. Polishing that short horror script.


In this time I got two reviews “real world feedbacks” for my two short scripts. It was tremendously helpful. I believe with the 2H/day routine combined with being open/ allow “inspiration writing” to accrue it is the way to go. Also got clear on what my writing is needing. I used to write a lot of poetry and song lyrics… as such my scripts used to be “poetic” and as such, I’ve been accused of writing in a too abstract fashion, sometimes having to explain the meaning of the sentences. As a reaction I started writing way to pragmatic in style. Now I see I just need to find that balance, that plus discipline and freedom, plus the adjustment of the economy of words in a screenplay will lead me to a place that I’m exited about. Also, usually I was writing things that I would make, and that lead me to a “fuck the rules” atitude. Screenwriting has a lot of rules. Now, I’m at peace with that was well. The biggest project for 2020 is to write a feature script. Very exited.

What is not so exiting is the fact that after I sent the short script to the festival I saw some advise of people saying things like, “You need at least 3 script consultants saying you should send the script to festivals” and “Always proof read your script, just before you send it. Doesn’t matter if you only wrote one sentence since last time”… So I don’t know… Let’s see. If anything it was only the first time and I’m counting on sending the script to more festivals this year. Let’s see.

So today, after the holidays, I’ve been polishing that same horror script. And just by making the prose a bit smoother and cutting out some micro management of the actors… I’ve cut almost 5 pages of the script… insane. The all thing is 15 pages at this moment. Tomorrow I’m hoping to have a very writer friendly day as well.

Video Production

Last week, I took it a bit easy and this one so far has been occupied with the Christmas thing. But many things have happened. I’ve been helping my girlfriend make a video course, teaching people how to paint.

Went to a meet up for real estate. (More on that soon)

And I’ve been thinking a lot at the whole thing in general. - By the way, still no more work from the freelance editing job. Yesterday I sent another job application for another videography gig, because this situation is really silly. Now I’ll let the new year come and then I need some clarification. - But I think it is going to be ok, for the next year. After thinking a lot, I’m a quite exited for next year, both in the financial and creative aspects.

But what I was about to say, is that I’ve been thinking a lot and writing things down… and even if this year I’ve been better at, not doing too much at the same time, there is still a lot of room to grow. So I’ve decided that as far as video/ money goes, I’ll focus on the real estate for now. I’ve said this before and have bona back and forth… but I want to get laser focus and focus 100% on that. It is the one where I have a specialised site, an E-book, a mailing list, portfolio, I’m in an area where real estate is booming… Plus everyone says, January is quite bad for corporate videos…. So, I’m just going to focus on it and hopefully get that desired client within the next month. Fucking has to work.

So these are the short term plans, write and do real estate video related activities. And do a travel video, just that one personal project/ money potential. Very important that one, however I’m at the mercy of the weather. So let’s see.

That’s it for today. Wish you all a great day, may we all have some cozy and safe days, where nothing really bad happens in the world.

As always, thank you for reading.

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This sure was an interesting read. Sounds like you have been busy :>)
In case you're still up for a weekend of improv filmmaking, just let me know.
If you can't find the time and energy, be honest.

Um abraco,


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