ADSactly Music - Behind the Sound - Foley

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ADSactly Music - Behind the Sound - Foley

The work done on sound for films is not always something that is immediately obvious to the casual viewer, but a whole industry has grown around this art form called Foley, and foley artists are respected and important contributors to the films that we know and love today.



Jack Foley, born 1891, is credited with developing a unique method of performing sound effects live to picture in a recording studio environment. To this day, these performers are called foley artists.

Foley artists work in acoustically treated rooms with an array of interesting objects chosen for the characteristics inherent in them that lend themselves to being used in recreating sounds for the things we see on screen, a great example would be old wooden chains used to recreate the sound of creaking floorboards.

This next video is a fantastic short film, giving wonderful insight into the tools used, the focus employed and the way these artists bring moving pictures to life with sound.


And it really is a secret world. When it comes to foley, it is the kind of art that you don't want to be conscious of. If you are watching a movie and you suddenly think to yourself "Hey that seemed like it was added in afterwards", you become drawn out of the immersive nature of film and you become an observer of the film, rather than someone immersed in it.



Why wouldn't filmmakers just use sound recorded on set when finishing up the film?
Consider how much activity is going on during the filming of a scene. You often have 10's if not 100's of people - depending on the type of film - on set nearby. The ambient noise generated by large groups of people is a factor to be considered. Then, you may have a director actually giving verbal cues to the actors during the shoot.
Often the location, while framed to look a certain way, may in fact be completely different to what it appears when one zooms out or pans out of the frame. The beautiful tranquil forest may in fact just be a park next to a busy highway. There could also be generators nearby generating - excuse the pun - ambient noise, which would interfere with the capture of these sounds.
But, the main reason is that while there generally are sound recorders on set, capturing audio. Their focus is on trying to get as much clear dialogue as possible using highly directional microphones, which don't necessarily capture the nuances; footsteps, breathing, the rustle of cloth as a character moves, all of these things may be lost in an on-set recording and have to be "brought back" during post production.


Any art form is allowed a certain measure of license and foley is no exception. Decisions are made between the director and the sound team on how they would like the sound to be treated during the film. A decision in sound could also mean using no sound during scenes in order to contrast with other scenes, and accentuate the "reality" that takes place. We could find ourselves viewing scenes that have sound effects that are larger-than-life, recreated and accented in crisp, livid detail, louder and clearer than we might find in real life.

An example of this subjective reality from my own personal experience: when working on a scene where a character had been stranded in a mine shaft for seven days without food, and he sees a cockroach scurrying near him. We designed the footsteps of the cockroach using the sounds of pebbles falling, and made them crisp and loud. The motivation was that without any interaction for seven days, any sensorial perceptions would be extremely heightened.

Spoiler alert: He eats the cockroach.

Here's another fantastic video detailing some insight into what goes on behind the scenes in foley studios.


Its become such a "thing" that there are a number of parody videos of foley artists. There is one where the "artist" being interviewed talks about his work in the porn industry and the different kinds of meat he uses to create the sounds heard in porn films. Its hilarious. Here's one that's a little less NSFW, but is also pretty funny.



In Indiana Jones Raider of the Lost Ark, in the scene where he runs from a rolling boulder, the sound that was used was a car rolling with the engine off. It is difficult to isolate these sounds as they are in a mix with many other sounds, but that is part of the game.

I hope you've enjoyed this "Behind the Sound" article. Next time we will be talking about the little-known audio technique called ADR.

Authored by @heypapalegend

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I found this very Interesting. I thought that the sound comes from the video recorded but it';s not, shame on me hahaha. It fools me a little bit.
We might take sound for granted when we watch movie.
Agreed or not we do. Sound is very important for every movie. Have you ever watched a movie without a sound? In my opinion, sound gives us what the movie want us to feel. Like in Horror films when it comes to the moment of intense the sound goes stronger or sometimes faster, in romantic films the sound is kind of having slow beat that would captures the audience mind to focus on what they see not what they have heard.
If we watched a movie we always remember the actor or the people who used to portrayed it and from that we tend to forget the sound which was a very important aspect.full_Walking_through_mud_and_dirt__Foley_can_be_a_dirty_business!_(Gareth_Van_Niekerk).jpg

I could say that the secret of Foley is pretty much cool. When I saw the Video from the post, Foley artist are having hard times on doing synchronized movement with the use of right materials to stamp, to hit and Etc. to attain the sound of what should it be. Foley was made a remarkable art using sound effects that is very essential on filming. Such a great contribution. :)



Ah what a great contribution to this post! Thanks so much :) And thanks for popping by!


Such a great honor to be complemented

i cant imagine how hard foley artist have been through trial and error, this is a long process and it's not easy, lots of tricks and more lesson to learn about syncing you act and sounds, just to make the viewers enjoyed they are watching. :)


Haha, so hard :) So true. But they love it!

Whoa, that was awesome!

Several decades ago, its my hobby to listen to a radio drama. It is an audio-based dramatized theater with no visual component. Its purely audio effects same as what this article shown. I just realized now that this is how complicated they did to the sound effects and its cool!


Ah yes the old radio dramas! Yes absolutely. I have been thinking of trying to get a radio drama off the ground actually. I would love to produce one.

Thanks @adsactly . All time your post help my work . I follow your every post . Its help my work . Your content information is good . Thanks for share this information .

I just learned this .. that Jack Foley is developing this unique method.


Nice one and thanks for actually reading! :D


Yes. I know in the making of the film there is addition of sound from behind it. But I do not know who developed it. New things like this make me add new information.

I really admire the work of Foley artists! So underappreciated though. I used to show this to my students who were studying sensation and perception. Their reactions are priceless .

Good article. Thank you for putting this piece together.


Ah awesome @kchitrah ! Glad you found this insightful!

Thank you for promoting the work that is done behind the scenes. A lot of people don't know anything about all the stuff that is done in postproduction. Especially in soundpost


I happen to be in post production (audio side) so it is something dear to my heart. Thanks for popping by :)


Me too :)
Sadly sometimes soundpost is something that is mostly recognized when it is missing or when it is not done properly in my experience

Hokey pokey.


HAHAHAHA! Your FACE is fake news!

Wawoooo its sounds and music just perfect @adsactly thanks for sharing such a great post.
I definitely resteem this post because its great


Ah thank you Taurus!


My pleasure brother 👍

Nice inventive post.......i like your every post......thanks for your diversion post....Upvote done @sahorearboss

Nice creative post.......i like your every post......thanks for your entertainment post....Upvote done @adsactly


Faaaaantastic :) Thanks for stopping by!

hellow @adsactly
love to your informative post of music,,

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its really informative thing

Create post.Thanks for shearing.

This work is beautiful and beauty is an interesting word, I want to see more from you boss...

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Ahha awesome so much things to learn listen and enjoy what a combination and full dose of music with love lust and movies it's a honor to me to be a follower of you dear @adsactly
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Great reverence to The Jack Foley


The greatest of reverence to the man!

Music isn't just a tune, it is a touch

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Esta técnica es muy parecida a las utilizadas en las radio novelas, o las que utilizaban algunos narradores de noticias de la antigüedad, que se valían de innumerables instrumentos para crear sonidos que le diecen vida a las escenas

This technique is very similar to those used in radio novels, or those used by some news writers of antiquity, who used innumerable instruments to create sounds that bring the scenes to life.

wow..very interesting dear friend is life,,i love
enjoyable post,thanks for share,


Well thanks for popping by and enjoying!

Great work! Thanks for this post learned many new things. It really helped.

We love movies and almost always watch the credits, until today I did not know what a Foley artist was. Thank you for increasing my knowledge.


Amen! Glad you could find this post of some value :) Keep coming back for more!

DSC_0347.jpg have a great time boss

Nice post..enjoyed. It and got to many things about Foley..

wonderful post

I just learned this Jack Donovan Foley was the developer of many sound effect techniques used in filmmaking. thank you for taking the time to share @manny1956


Glad you could find this post useful! :)

Sound is the most important futures of a human being it stimulates the brain if it is a bad sound it hurts your ears but if the sound is beuatiful your brain will tell you Thankyou for sharring have a Awesome day

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