Orbit’s Journey - (FIFTY WORD CHALLENGE)

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Orbit’s Journey

     “Ruff!” the mechanical dog stopped, nosing the desert sand.
     Orbit lowered as he retracted his legs inside his round body, titling his dome shaped head. “Ruffles, don’t worry. They’ll accept us.”
     “Errr!” Ruffles wined.
     Orbit scratched Ruffles mechanical ear. “The journey is almost over, it won’t be like before.”


     It’s been a couple weeks since I've done the 50 word challenge. And it is a challenge if you want to add the basic of scene construction in fifty words - The setup, conflict, and the resolution and hook.

     In every Setup there must be the who and the where, and if there are more scenes then the passing of time from the last scene. In this case there is no passing of time between scenes. The where - is the desert. The who - is the robot called Orbit and his robot dog, Ruffles. In the first paragraphs I introduce the setup and the conflict - In the story above we get a sense Orbit and Ruffles are moving somewhere where they will be accepted as robots (the conflict). And the resolution and hook is at the end when the reader finds out they are on a journey to a better place, solving the problem of not being accepted, but the reader is left with the unanswered question to where they are going (Hook).

     Scene construction is a little more complicated than that, but that is basic guideline to construct scenes. Every scene must have a setup, conflict, and a resolution and hook.

The Setup - Each setup must contain three facts
• Where is the scene taking place.
• Who’s in the scene.
• And how much time has passed since the previous scene (if there is a scene before).

Conflict – Struggles against opposing forces.

Resolution and hook - Resolution is solving of problem. And the hook is an unanswered question that lures the reader forward into the next scene.

     Each scene should be a repeat of the setup, conflict, and resolution and hook, over and over, until the last scene.

     So why did I explain all that? Because the 50 word challenge is a great learning tool to construct scenes. If you can construct scenes in only fifty words imagine what you could write in a thousand. Once I understood the basic of scene construction it was like I leaped into another world full of endless possibilities. The 50 word challenge is great exercise for all, not just beginners but for pros as well.

Happy writing, and my all your ambitions come true.

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Your story was highly enjoyable. I got the sense of being there with the two.

Nicely done, @galatichunter. And the added info around creating a compelling story is awesome!


I enjoyed the way you interpreted the image into a story...



Thanks a lot.

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