Sight unseen, a story in 50 words.

in fiftywords •  6 months ago

IMG_20180723_001552825 (2).jpg

She lived in the perpetual shade of half-drawn blinds and wide-brimmed hats. No mirrors graced the walls of the ill-lit rooms she called home. Avoiding and evading the whispers and stares, staying out of sight was her expertise. Thus, it was few whose eyes had ever fallen upon her disfigurement.

Posted in response to @jayna's fifty word challenge which you can see here
The prompt for this week was SHADE

The image is my own.

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Top class. So real you could almost..................


Aw shucks, thanks Robbie.

I love the imagery you painted in your story and how “shade” was used to describe a hidden face.


Thank you kindly for reading my shady little tale. Your support is much appreciated.

OMG best opening paragraph to a novel ever. You have to continue the story!


Unfortunately, I was born short and sweet so 50 words is my absolute maximum;)
Thanks for your support.

Oh my, that is a stark and intense story, @deirdyweirdy. Nice work with the photography, too. Very haunting.


Cheers for that and a thousand thanks for keeping the 50 word challenge alive despite the mountain of work it represents.


Thank you for the nice compliment, @deirdyweirdy. It is indeed a lot of work, but well worth it!

howdy @deirdyweirdy! how are you today? this was a wonderful start to an intriguing story, when do we get to see the rest of it? lol. that image is creepy. but perfect for this post! God bless you!


I agree!


thank you @vdux..great minds think alike!


Thanks as always for your enthusiastic support Mr. J.
I was considering deirdycreepyweirdy as my username, but thought it was perhaps a little lengthy;)

·! that would be a pain in the butt to type out plus you're not creepy deirdyweirdy.. what are you talking about? you're probably the least creepy person in all of Ireland!

Really well penned. You can really feel the characters tormoil.. the out of focus picture is very clever too..


Out of focus wasn't deliberate. I'm just a terrible hand at the old photography;)
Thanks as always for your support.


Ha ha, no way, accidental cleverness.. The best kind! :o)

Wow! I could see and feel the darkness of her "perpetual shade." What talent you have! : )


Well I can't disagree with you there;)

Wow! Great image and equally as good words.

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