Remedial Witch Lessons: a story in 50 words

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This is my entry for @Jayna's 50 word challange! If you would like to join in the fun you can find her post here:

Remedial Witch Lessons

The contents of the bubbling cauldron erupted from their pewter prison. Brad was covered from head to toe in sticky eye of newt scented sludge. Cats appeared all around him and attempted to lick him clean.

His parents were right.

He should have gone to school to be an accountant.

Thanks for reading <3

The image is from and you can find it here:


Ah maybe I should have read previous entries before posting, mine is similar.
Cute kitty image, it helps to visualise the cats attacking him with their tongues.
I like how you end it, very relatable having your parents expect one thing when you want to do something else.

I like the cute take on this and some nice little alleteration in there as well.

@bueteddy It only happens in the movies, it sounds like "terror" LOL

Ah yes, so often our parents are right, but our younger more naive self thinks we know it all! Funnily enough my career guidance teacher at school told me I should be an accountant and many of friends are. I'm glad I opted for Engineering instead. Accountancy would bore me I think..

I liked your alliteration in 'pewter prison' too.. great ring to it...

I love this, @blueteddy. Poor Brad! Such high aspirations, but such futility when it comes to all things "witch."

Funny. I wonder if he was rehearsing/practicing at home or already under formal evaluation in a school of witchcraft and wizardry :)

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