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After choosing your loyal companions, you lie in wait as the enemy musters their forces... The air is heavy with anticipation of imminent battle! The tension is building and it's gonna boil when the generals give the "Rumble" command. Only one can take the victory and climb up the ladder.

This is my entry to the fiftywords contest hosted by @jayna. Contest can be found here.  

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Fun! I still have not gotten into playing yet, but I should! Very entertaining story, @anixio. Of course I have no idea how this was inspired by the “snowflake” prompt! Ha ha.

I read this part "This week's workshop is about tense."
and said "that is a prompt for me" hahaha

Ahh! You used the workshop theme as the prompt, vs. the supplied prompt of “snowflake.” Okay, that’s cool. 😊

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