Donnie, Chloe, and the Nightprowlers, Chapter 10—Churchill

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Chapter 10—Churchill

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“He what?” April gasps, dramatically.

I almost smiled. If nothing else was certain, at least I knew I could count on April to be overly dramatic about everything.From the very start of our friendship, April Churchill had been the ultimate drama queen, and she looked the part too. Everything about her screamed for attention, from her haughty countenance to her jaunty way of walking to her dressing and makeup.Even her office was much too flashy for her simple position at the college, with a comfy settee snuggled into one corner on which we now sat.

But beneath all that, April was one of the most trustworthy people I had ever met, always ready to do anything for her friends. The first time I’d introduced her to Donnie, she’d openly promised to crack his skull open with a crowbar if he ever hurt me.

“I still don’t understand,” I tell her. “We were together just last night.”

“What’s there not to understand? Donnie’s found a younger, sexier girl and of course, he’s going after her. All men are the same, afterall.”

“Says the happily married woman,” I reply, giving the simple golden ring on her left hand a significant look.

She gives me an exasperated look and shakes her head. “You think a hot catch like Mike came easy? Mike had his distractions too, but I knew what I wanted. I wasn’t going to let some cheap tramp steal my prize.”

I roll my eyes. “Yes, because you always had a hard time keeping boys around.” I sigh and cover my face with my hands. “I don’t know what to do, April. Don was supposed to be the one. You know how reluctant I was to date after Gregory, and now…”

I can’t help the sob that escapes my lips. April is the one person in the world I’ve always been able to cry in front of.

“Oh, girlfriend,” April pulls me into her arms and pats me softly. “It’s okay. Except now it seems I’ve got to find a crowbar.”

I’m so surprised she remembers I can’t help but let out a low bark of laughter. She smiles softly as I pull back and wipe my eyes. “But, April, what do I do?”

“Girl, you’ve got to fight for your man. Don’t give up without at least trying. I mean, I know you, Chloe. You never take stuff lying down. You really like this guy, and you guys had something real. Plus, if Donnie really is in some kind of trouble, then he needs you now more than ever.”

I sigh. I’d told her about feeling like Donnie was in some kind of trouble, but I’d left out the strange man. Things were complicated enough as it was, and I didn’t want her to think I had gone crazy. Even now in her office, I could still hear his words ringing in my ears.

You’re making a mistake, Chloe!

When you need me, I’ll be near!

April was right. I wasn’t some meek, helpless little girl who cried over boys. I would either get over Donnie at once or confront whatever was keeping him from me. And then if that didn’t work, I would get on with my life. In fact, if it wasn’t Donnie, I knew I wouldn’t give holding on to him a second thought.

But it was Donnie, and I just couldn’t get over the feeling that something more was going on here. I had to do something.

And I knew exactly what.

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