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Try Till You Succeed


Try till you succeed! We have have heard of these words–totally drenched in wisdom–at some point in our lives.! Haven't we?

Myself, being just like any normal person, have also been given these life lessons, countless number of times; by my teachers, when I was in my high school and several times by my parents during the course of my lifespan till now.

It's not that I do not understand it or do not want to abide by it. It's just that, its too difficult to practice in real life. Lets face it, not everyone possesses the grit and determination to climb "Mount Everest", but those who do possess, book a permanent spot in the history books for themselves.

Coming back to the story of my life: Since my childhood–till puberty–I was "that guy" of the class who was almost non-existent for all the other students. I didn't have a single friend and my life was miserable, if I put it mildly. My father had a transferable job, which effectively made sure that I do not continue in any given school for more than a couple of years, at max.

Adding to the misery was all those new languages that kept haunting me, every time my father got posted from one state in the country to another. For those who are not so familiar with Indian geography, India might just sound like a nation, but our cultural and ethnic diversity can give any continent, a run for its money. And hence, a new state would most often mean embracing new linguistic & ethnic beliefs.

My inability to adapt to the alien surroundings & the overwhelming feels pertaining to it would always keep pulling me down. As a person, this had left a lasting effect on my personality. I lost interest in everything. My studies felt the biggest brunt, as my grades kept deteriorating. Sports was never my forte, but now I would not even watch it on the TV. If I were to summarize myself in one word, I had become a 'looser', not that I was not already!

Throw any challenge at me–no matter however minuscule it might be–and my primitive instinct would kick in, to take evasive actions. My parents tried everything, in their capacity, to change my outlook for life, but the depressing feeling had housed into me so deep in my heart, that nothing helped.

To Be Continued In Part 2

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very nice @vinyprop


Thank you @marula. Much appreciated!


thank you, I like the way you see things @vinyprop

I'm very happy this is fiction and not a real life story (at least I dare to believe so based on the #fiction tag).

Well written! I look forward to more; It appears it's going to be a long long story. I'm curious to see where it's headed. Will he come out a hero? Or stay a "loser"? Get a girlfriend and his life will change? and if so, for the better, or for worse?
Will he go to the gym and get himself in shape; as its helped many people fight depression; or eat endless amounts of food and get fat to try and eat away his depression?

You got yourself a follower indeed ^.^


@svashta, thanks for the read. Glad you liked it. I am back on Steemit after taking a break of almost 3 months. Will try to keep it regular from here on. :)


Glad to hear you're back! And I really hope you're going to be posting regularly from now on ^^

Seeing you're a writer; If you feel like partaking in a writing contest; I'm hosting a constrained writing where I give you a certain challenge each week. Go over and have a look if you'd like. ^^

I am sorry that it was tough for you when you were younger but I am sure this story has a great ending as I can figure how you turned out to be.