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The Butterfly Effect- 2


I had missed my office shuttle and on any typical day, that would have meant a sick leave for me. But the option of a “sick off’ from office was out of picture, as I had to be in office, no matter what. I hadn’t collected my flight tickets and the forex, for my trip, which was scheduled to take off the subsequent morning.

Now, I had to decide upon my mode of commute to the office and I had a few options, such as, taking my bike to office, taking the public transport or lastly a cab.

I started with choosing my bike, but soon I hit a road block, as my mother denied the access—due to her protective nature for me—to my bike.

Now, since it was the year 2012, long before the OLAs & UBERs had arrived in India; hence finding a cab was a magnanimous task in itself.

With all the point taken into account, I decided to take the public transport, to office. My office was around 35 KM from my place and the time which I was going to spend in the bus was going to be anywhere close to two or 2 and half hour, depending upon the traffic conditions on the day.

I came down from my house, on the first floor, down to ground floor and started walking towards the nearest bus-stop. Only after 2 minutes of my overall 5 minutes’ walk I realized that I had left my earphones at home. Music is the only life saver in these long journeys and thus it’s an absolute necessity, to say the least. I went back home running to grab my earphones. Once earphones under my possession, I plugged the earphones into my new Samsung Galaxy S2, and tuned into my favourite radio station. Now, with my favourite music blowing into my ears, I started walking towards the bus stop.

In the next 5 minutes of walking, I was at the bus stop. Like any usual week day, the bus stop was brimming with the hustle and bustle. There were hundreds of daily commuters, waiting to board their respective buses to their destinations. I wasn’t a daily commuter of public transport, and truthfully speaking, I got a little bit intimidated to see this avalanche of people at once, whereas for most of the others, standing there, it was just another day at the office scenario.

The bus came and stopped ten meters after the bus stop and all these hundreds of these commuters, just charged towards it, like a cavalry. My already brittle confidence, just got shattered into a trillions of un-packable pieces, with those visuals.

It was an ordinary bus though—synonymous to a 3rd class bogie of a train—and hence it catered to the average economic class of people. I waited for the Air Conditioned Volvo bus to arrive, as those busses are usually not so crowded, due to their sort off “elite” user base and high ticket prices.

I had to wait at the bus stop for ten more minutes, before a Volvo arrived—thankfully I had my trusty music in my ears and that didn’t let me get bored of waiting. My theory of the elite user base and less crowed Volvo busses, just crumbled, when I see yet another fifty people rushing towards the front gate of the bus. I found myself surrounded with people from all around, as all of us tried to board the bus. After thirty seconds of tussle, I finally did manage to get into the bus, only to realize that the music in my ears had stopped playing. In the whole scuffle to board the bus, I didn’t realise that my earphone were missing from my ears, and as I tried to have a feeler of my new phone in my jeans’ pocket, my heart skipped a beat. The phone was missing, and so was the earphone, attached to it.

At that moment, I felt as if the earth under my feet just disappeared, my heart started beating fast and my mind stopped thinking. Without thinking much I just de-boarded the bus. Now, I was standing by the road, at the stop, not knowing what to next.
There were a few gentlemen there who came up to me and asked for my wellbeing, as they must have observed a sense of disarray in my body language. I replayed the whole incident to them, and they told me that these type of phone snatching or pick pocketing are common in these crowded places. They advised me to have been more careful with my belongings, which I surely wasn’t.

One of them advised me to go and report to the police station. As my brain was not really reacting to my command, I just started to walk towards the police station, which was only a few hundred meters away from there.

Once at the police station, I explained everything to the policeman, who was sitting at the first counter. He pointed me to another counter, where I had to repeat the whole story. After listening to my entire story, this policeman asked me to sit on the bench, in the waiting area, as his superior was not in the station yet, and he had to consult with him before he could file an FIR.

Here I was sitting on this stupid bench waiting for close to 45 minutes, when the person this policeman was waiting for arrived. I went and asked the policeman to now initiate the FIR formalities, for which he reluctantly responded by saying that, his superior will have his breakfast first and only after that he would listen to any complains.

After another 30 excruciating minutes, the policeman who was looking into my case, came up to me to tell that, he cannot file an FIR as the scene of crime is out of their jurisdiction, by fifty meters and asked me to go to the correct police station, which was situated 4 KMs from there.

I have had enough of it, so I just busted out on him, as he could have told me this the very moment I told him about the incident. Probably, he was only trying to buy some time for himself, using his superior as a disguise for himself.

I walked out of this stupid police station, furious and frustrated and dropped all the plans of any FIR. I started back to home, without thinking too much.

End of Part 3

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Uff, this was quite a turn around of unexpected events, it's like one of those days. Beautifully expressed your events, @vinyprop. Feeling of a catastrophe. Hopeful for more positive events in the next post. Keep writing.!!!


Thank you so very much @vidyabanjan :)

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Nice post @vinyprop


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your welcome my friend👩👩😉


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Keep up sharing ❤✔


Thank you @hayashihab. Much appreciated ☺️✌️

Same situation i went through 6 years back.but i lost my purse and my phone was in that ,i asked my fellow s phone and dialed my no immidiately ,the phone was ringing as if that was telling about the thief but she left the purse on the floor and got it back.You have nt experienced the crowded bus before thats why you were not aware of it,it can be a learning for you but very expencive.