TinyReads #4: Born to Run

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It’s been a while since I uploaded my last audiostory. About three months, I think. High time to do another one, right?


Last night, I recorded and edited a narration of another one of my rainbow stories. This one, Born to Run, was inspired by a friend of mine, Pierre, who has had the company of an adopted Spanish Galgo or Podenco for as long as I’ve known him.

Born to Run.jpg

It tells the story of a nameless Galgo, bred and born in a barn somewhere in an anonymous region of Spain. These animals have a hard life, full of hunger and harsh treatment from their masters. When racing season is over, those who performed less than expected are disposed of cruelly.

More information, as well as the written version of the piece can be found here.

Stories like these are just as hard to write as they are to read. I remember after writing it, that I needed some light-hearted relief writing afterwards. I think I’ll be needing it again this time. But I happily keep doing it, because these stories need to be told.



If you would like to read some of my work, feel free to have a look around on my off-Steem blog page by clicking the banner. My library there contains all of the pieces I’ve written since starting my blockchain adventure.

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This was one of the first stories I had read of yours after coming to TWB. I think it's still one of the saddest stories I've read to date.

Yeah. It's probably the saddest and the most gruesome of the rainbow series. It wasn't easy to work on but it's one I'm still really proud of.

YOU SHOULD BE! It's an amazing story and you did an amazing job on it.

Thanks. I wouldn't have managed it without you and Andrew.

I remember reading this way back and how sad it was, but ultimately outweighed by hope @tinypaleokitchen

You have a lovely reading voice and use excellent pausing and emphasis here, and above all the emotions behind it is what makes it a great reading of a great story.

Wow. Thank you so much!

Wow. I was in the steemit ramble server today and I found this older post from 3 months ago. It was really an eye opener. I just followed you and added you to my Gina. I feel I could learn a thing or two by tagging along here.

Interesting story here, soothing voice, well accentuated.

Thank you. I've discovered that I really like doing narration.

You're welcome dear. I have joined TWB discord server. Hoping to learn.

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Wow. Thank you so much!

Thank you for this great post, the education and awareness, and all you do to support @tarc, @tinypaleokitvhen.

Thank you, Jayna.

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