Catch and Release - Part 1 (removed)

in fiction •  2 years ago  (edited)

This story has been removed by the author.

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Okay, I'm hooked.
zombisaurus LOL, but it does make sense...

And the good news is that this is all written. ;-)

Great news! Looking forward to all of it!

I'm glad to see this one on Steemit finally! :-)

very beautiful and very cool photos
looks like real.
and the way you take pictures seems very professional

Based on your comment it is clear to me that you didn't even look at my post. Perhaps you commented on the wrong post? Let's hope so.

Excellent and great post greetings friend

(=^ ◡ ^=)

Great work, great read! I'm looking forward to the rest. Are you going to do these weekly?

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I'm honored. Thank you!

Well done.

:-) Thank you! I have more of my steemit work up here: if you are interested in reading more.

Delightful. So clean.