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I’ve been thinking on this awhile. I believe the lady was not crazy at all. The chihuahua’s name was saucer or something similar and he kept jumping back and forth in front of her window, making her think it was something going from horizon to horizon. Then the parrot caught his name from the neighbor calling for his dog and the parrot started saying saucer, which gave the poor old lady the idea it was a flying saucer. When the parrot started saying saucer behind you he was just telling her the little dog was in the house. Chihuahuas look kinda like aliens anyways so we can’t blame her for blowing it away.


Teeeheehee. I think we can all agree that Chihuahuas need to be blown away periodically, especially if they continue to breed themselves to look more and more like (potentially invading) extra-terrestrial beings.

A shotgun in hand and a skeptical eye turned toward those Mexican dogs looking to invade.

Hmmm, that previous sentence could be interpreted as racist in this political climate :( Just to be crystal clear to anyone landing here, I love Mexico, it's people and culture...Viva la Mehico!!!!

Nice rework to the story @tbyrd :)

Why are chihuahuas associated with Mexico? Tv Commercials? Haha thanks

No, no, it's actually very much a legitimate "Mexican" dog...the breed actually originated in Mexico and is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua:

Let's go full dork on the minutiae:

Holy sht. I had no idea. That explains a lot!