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This is chapter thirteen of my original story, Love, Like His, as read and recorded by @verbal-d.


For those of you who prefer to read or even to follow along, here is the link to the original Chapter Thirteen post from nine months ago.

Personally, I think that this just keeps getting better and that @verbal-d is doing an amazing job! The previous recordings are available in the comment section below.

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@papa-pepper, Ray Foster's situation is becoming more and more intriguing. I can sense the storm going on in his head and his anxiety about the parole. His brush with Detective Chromwell is putting him on the edge!! Thanks for this exciting series.


I have 'wasted' my weekend without getting 'wasted' and written a rather philosophical post about my butterfly and bee pictures called Float/Sting..What is your strategy. I request you to see and provide your views if you have time. Your comments will be very welcome. Thanks

@papa-pepper is on fire. Great post :D

I love fiction mehn it cool #Keep it up

It is these kind of interactions that make steemit community more interesting and promising. Looking forward to more collaborations like these.

I am a techie at heart and can write, I am looking forward to somebody who is creative can sketch, do voice overs and videos. Hoping to find that partner in next couple of days on Steemit. Let us see how it goes.

@papa-pepper Good Work Men. Totally Enjoyed it. Stating From 1st Chaper Now , will listen this later. 3rd one is my Fav. Have a nice day . :)


Great post! Loved it !) Thank you!)

Good stuff from two of my favorite people on steemit. :)

Cool, glad to hear it!

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Great job keep up the good work

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Thanks for sharing these audiobooks! It's always a pleasure listening to them as I go to work or just when I'm doing things around the house. It makes it easier to get work done. Looking forward to the next one!

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Your posts are really good and also u r an adorable person.
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Well done papa-pepper

I like your hoodie!

Thanks for offering your audio book here. For those who like to be read to, enjoy your story as I do or are blind it is a great resource. - Troy

It sounds much more warm. Well done on the adjustments. I put my beats headphones on to really hear the quality. I can hear everything. I can hear your fan in the back. lol. You do a great job of reading out loud. It is not easy to read strait through without stutters or mispronouncing words. The next investment would be a booth absorption stand.
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