The Story Of A Young Woman (girl) Hooded

in fiction •  last year 

Hello Steemian.

Veil is one of the women's clothing. and the veil of a sign of honor that lies in women, especially Muslim women.

Women who wear the veil are respected, admired in Muslim circles. however, many differences of opinion (perception) about the veil, even within the Muslim community itself. everybody justifies himself, yes of course all such problems occur, not necessarily on the veil.

Some regions, women wear veils are very influential in the community in a career, especially a career in government and a career in other fields, such as private institutions.

Women who wear veils are very threatening in their careers, they do not get jobs in government, and also can not work in private institutions, only on certain institutions that can work, not all women who wear veils get a quota.

I myself wonder, at it is an honor that is found in women, and it is the right as a woman.



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Dear padi is an honour wearing veil don't mind anyone who dishonour you for putting on veil. They're just being sentimental.

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