Half Past the Moonfall - AVAILABLE NOW!

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eBook available on Amazon - $3.99 AUD ($2.84 USD)

It is said that you should never follow the Min Min Lights; they will lure you away never to be seen again.
So, what does Katéa do? Chase after them of course!
Determined to capture the myth and make her fortune, this young Australian stumbles out of the bush and into a fantastical new world filled with pixies, dragons and perpetually drunk villagers, and even falls in love.
But, not all is ever as it seems. An awakened evil stalks the land and Katéa finds herself in the centre of malevolent misfortune. Can she deafen this disaster she unwittingly helped summon, or will the world be shrouded in darkness forever?
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✨⭐A huge thank you to @mariannewest and @ntowl for hosting the #freewritemadness in November! ⭐✨


Time to Get Personal!

I can only remain 'professional' for so long. 😊

In November —thanks to the @freewritehouse— I wrote my first story from beginning to end, without stopping. That is THIS story!

For the first time in my life I wrote, wrote, wrote and did not stop to deride myself, to tell myself that the story is shyte, to second guess the entirety of everything, to wonder why I even bother... etc. I spurned obsessive-compulsive unattainable perfection and created Half Past the Moonfall, previously known as An Unfortunate Adventure.

I'm not expecting much; it's not a masterpiece by any means, it won't feature on a bestsellers list, and I'm awaiting a flood of 1-star reviews if people even get that far, but it's my first full-length completed novel with nary an error or typo in sight, it made me cry for half a month straight, I love it to bits, and I am so happy that I pressed the self-publishing submit button.

What it IS, is a fun, casual fantasy-romance filled with Australian slang, humour, pixies not quite how you imagined them, and possible offensiveness... I don't know. People get offended by all sorts of things these days, who am I to say that the line "protesting louder than a crowd of vegans at a bacon cafe" won't offend someone? 😉

Though the story has nothing to do with what I consider my "main" universe, it's thanks to successfully doing this that I now feel confident enough to finish my Fan'driel tales once and for all... well, maybe not once and for all 😉 the world is so huge, I can write in it forever! But I feel confident enough to finally finish the main trilogy that has been lurking in mind for two-thirds of my life.😄


@kaelci, babble-monster, strikes again.

The eBook is now available on Amazon —I would love it so much if you resteemed this post so I can get word out in this vast Steemiverse.

Also, if by some wondrous fortune you decide to buy the ebook, it would be so amazing if you could leave a review. If you know someone off of the blockchain who might be interested in an Australian fantasy-romance with weird humour, feel free to chuck them the Amazon link and gush glowingly in my favour!

Once more a HUGE thank you to the @freewritehouse and the freewriters who dwell within. @dranuvar and @ryivhnn and @wonderwop for forcing themselves through my very rough draft, and @carolkean for being such a wonderful support, and @felt.buzz for introducing me to the freewrite community to begin with!!

💕 You're all amazing! 😊😊

Book cover created by SpurwingCreative, rights owned by me, B.M.Matthews (@kaelci)

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Kaleci, we've never met of course, and I haven't been on Steem that long, but I feel like you are an old friend, just by our interactions. I am so SO FREAKING HAPPY that you accomplished this! I bought your eBook and am going to start reading it as soon as we get back from the Y (if I have any energy left that that Silver Sneakers class that supposed to be for old folk, but kicks my butt!). I'm resteeming your post and I'm going to do a link on twitter as well. Bravo! And I'll be "gushing' you a review when I get done with the book. Rock on sister! !tip


Thank you so much!! :) ~ I hope you enjoy it!

I am so freaking happy too! :D And also petrified. Happy and petrified. This is what I wrote in an email just before:

"I was probably hasty in publishing this so quickly... but thoughts came over me, telling me that all I ever do is over-criticise my words, over-edit my words, over-think this, over-think that, JUST DO IT ALREADY..... so... I did it. And then instantly regretted it because.... "Oh God, this bit... Oh God, this other bit... Oh God, this scene too... Oh God, the whole story is in shambles! Why did I press the button????"

But that's just the inner critic, haha. Whew. The inner voice must be silenced.

I need to get in on all that Actifitting! I doubt I could 20k days, but 10k for sure! Move my butt a bit more.

Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment! Resteemed and upvoted. I'll be visiting Amazon soon.

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How absolutely lovely. What a delightful outcome of being a freewrite participant. It sure fills me with hope and motivation.

I think it was just the other day, I read and commented on your 5 minute freewrite on lists, and now I find out I was interacting with a fully-fledged, published author. Who knew?



Thank you!! :)

Yes, you did comment on that list freewrite :D but I wouldn't call myself fully-fledged just yet :) At 6am this morning I was still an aspiring author, at 7am I became a self-published author, and I think I'll consider myself full-fledged when I have several books out there.

This first step was the hardest. I've been writing and re-writing a couple of books for years now and never deemed them good enough. Then thanks to the @freewritehouse I just wrote and didn't have time for all that inner-critic stuff! It's fantastic. Now that I have one out, I want more out --more!

I am glad to have given you hope and motivation! :D

Congratulations of publishing. I simply cannot buy any more books right now – my reading list is 100+ long at the moment. If I buy another book right now, my husband won’t have a cow… He’ll have a herd! LOL. But, I’ve added it to my wish list. Maybe someone will get it for me for Mother’s Day. :D


"If I buy another book right now, my husband won’t have a cow… He’ll have a herd! - LOL! Oh no! (But that's hilarious - I giggled :D )

Thank you for the congratulations! :)

congratulations from the house :)

How exciting! Well done! Off to pay amazon a visit! :)

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Oh what a lovely dedication! :)

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Maybe not the bit with my partner and the author neglect he has suffered 😂 hehe!! But I had to thank the Freewrite House and Steemit! 😊

Awesome! I'll be reading it on my kindle tonight!

So proud of you! Excellent work. I've bought it and will give your 5 star review when I'm done (I know it will be 5 stars because you worked so hard!)



Thank you!! 😄

I'm not so sure about the 5 stars! I could just be being hard on myself, but I personally feel it would be a 3.5 overall... still... thats my inner critic being snarky probably, haha. I hope you enjoy it!! 😊💕

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Yay!!! This is amazing, congratulations @kaelci 🎉 I've never bought an ebook before, gonna have to figure out how now...

Resteeming and I hope you get flooded with positive Amazon reviews whether you're anticipating them or not ;D


:D :D Thank you! A flood of positive reviews would be amazing!! But after reading so many self-publishing anecdotes, I'm preparing myself for the likelihood of maybe 10 total sales. As long as those 10 people enjoy the story!!! That's all that matters. I want my writing to be enjoyed. :)

No forcing was required through the thing 😜 I’ll have to see if Amazon likes me these days (we’ve had some years of not getting on).

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I only even have an Amazon account because I needed it for Kickstarter many moons ago! :D

After that, the onnneee thing I ordered on Amazon, was the only delivery I ever had magically "not arrive"... so I never trusted it again. Hopefully their digital service is better than their physical. The years of their Kindle stuff seems pretty huge and spot on though, so, woo!

I hope it's kind to you! xD

I wish I had your guts, I've wrote many many stories but I always find something wrong with them and afraid to publish. Can't wait to check it out. Awesome!


Thank you! :)

There is probably a lot wrong with it, truth be told. In my mind, if I was a new reader to the story, I'd probably give it a maximum of 3 stars and that's being generous! It was written in one month, edited ONCE, and then thrown to the winds of fortune........ I'm usually an edit, edit again, edit AGAIN, change this entire chapter, edit again, rename that character, that town, decide that this character is suddenly an antagonist... rewrite the whole thing and edit AGAIN.... 5 years have passed...... LOL :)

This is a first for me. I pray for the best.


I believe the winds of fortune are going to bless you. That is awesome and well done.

Fantastic!!! Buying it now!!! Review coming up very soon!


Thank you so much!! :D I'm so excited right now! - and thank you again for hosting the #freewritemadness and everything you do with the @freewritehouse :D I am sososo appreciative!


I am so excited for you!! And there will be much more to come at the Freewrite House. Stay tuned!!!

Splendid! I'm so happy for you!


Thank you!! :D I'm so happy right now!

Very well done you! I just grabbed a copy for my kindle and I'll certainly leave a review once read. Congrats again.


Thank you so much!! :D :D

I hope that you enjoy it, that's the main thing!

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