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The silence of the night was broken by a loud bang. The beginning of a series of bangs that signalled the end of Darkos. Darkos was a mining colony in the asteroid belt that had taken sides with the independence movement in the colonies. This action had incurred the wrath of Union forces who were currently bombarding the colony with orbital weapons.

Stephen Flynn was Darkos' leader, and he had prepared for this event. Sirens went off in Darkos informing residents that it was time to board the evacuation ships headed to the outer solar system.

Stephen oversaw the evacuation; as leader he couldn't leave until everyone was safe. Darkos was evacuated save for Stephen and his security detail.

A direct hit from a space cannon obliterates his ship, killing his security detail in the process. Battered and broken Stephen looks to the skies on bended knees. He see the white glare of the ships mercilessly pounding his home. He also sees his people; tiny dots on the horizon making their way to safety. Not all would survive, but those that did would forever tell the story of Darkos. He died knowing his legacy would never be forgotten.

This is an entry to the STACH story writing contest #29

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