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More of shenanigans when "Team Blue" turn up at a convention. Nightcrawlers, Taako and the Tick. AKA "Team Blue". -- Anon Guest

[AN: This hails back to this thing that happened a little while ago.]

Good news: They were relatively harmless. Bad news: They had decided to split up and search for clues. Some Nightcrawlers were Bamfing all over the place. Some were perched on tall objects. The youngest Nightcrawler of the group was politely asking gargantuan-suited cosplayers if their outfits were load-bearing structures, and if he had permission to perch on them so he could scout around.

The Tick was scoping out the floor with a magnifying glass and saying, "Hmmm..." a lot.

And Taako... was haggling with the food vendors. "Listen," he began. "I have gold. I have silver. I even have a few coppers. They have to be worth something..."

"I have no idea how to cash in on that biz," said the hapless vendor. "For all I know, it's foil-coated chocolate."

"There goes that scam," he muttered in Elvish. He fiddled about with his pockets and replaced the glamoured chocolate coin with an actual gold one. "You can test it, my friend. Any way you like. If you're not convinced, I take my gold elsewhere. Sound like a deal?"

"We have a policy against taking props from attendees, sir."

Taako fumed. This tore it. He not-so-discretely cast Charm Person on this rube so he could at least have some local money so he could purchase the local food. And all that happened was that some of the costumed humanmen applauded.

The vendor only blinked. Unimpressed. "Was that supposed to do something?"

He tried Prestidigitation as a test. Sparks failed to fly from his fingers. The magic illusion he was trying for failed to manifest. "...fuck..." he muttered.

"Yeah?" said the vendor.

"This usually doesn't happen to me," Taako blushed. He blushed navy blue. He flapped his hands and tried again. Nothing. It was a cantrip. You can't run out of juice for cantrips.

"Maybe we could just cuddle," said the vendor sarcastically.

Taako grumbled as he stalked away. One way or another, he'd find a way to get his hands on these 'bucks' the locals traded in.

Somewhere else on the extensive convention floor, The Tick shouted, "I found a stick!"

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