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Pick a cartoon character from print media, and the lines between reality cross. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I couldn't pick just one]

"Unglaublich..." said five voices at once. Various incarnations of Nightcrawler were staring at each other.

"Hail and well met," said another blue figure in a ridiculously tall hat. "This is not the markets I was in a second ago, not racially profiling, here, but... did anyone do anything... eldritch?"

"Fear not, citizens," said a big, beefy, man beef in a blue suit that featured antennae. "I am nigh invulnerable to just about every threat that could present itself. I, The Tick! shall deal with any trouble that may occur."

"Speak for yourself, homeslice. Taako's good out here," said the one in the hat. He was posing for more than a few camera phones. Getting the attention he craved. "Two GP a kiss if you're into this..."

One of the convention attendees sidled up to a Cockrum-era Nightcrawler. She had a giggling cohort. "Um. Can we... hug you?"

"Ladies," he cooed, spreading his arms wide. "You can kiss me."

Evo-Era Nightcrawler preened. "I'm here, too. All Nightcrawler. No waiting."

"Stop right there, Junge," said Excalibur-era Nightcrawler. "The age gap between you and them makes that illegal."

"Uh," said a security goon. "How exactly did this happen?"

"Who cares?" said an attendee. "I'm forming a queue!"

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / yupiramos]

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