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RE: AESOP'S REBOOT, FABLES FOR ?KIDS?: The Donkey With Two Mouths

in #fiction2 years ago

With due respect with your great piece, this post is NOT for KIDS but to the people hungry for success like us though just dwelling in a fair battleground. I love the way you do the analogy of these animals portraying different kinds of people you see in the real world! Keep it up man. So is this the kind of mind-twitching fiction you are going to post? Definitely worth following. Hats off!


Thanks @fycee! It's always great to receive feedback on the work you put on there in the world :) Upvotes are well, appreciated for sure, but, comments are loved :) :) :) Take care bud

I know how it feels to be a somebody treated like a nobody when you stepped into a new world trying to fit-in and eventually the enthusiasm level being tapped by like-minded people. It just feels great! Nobody will give side-by-side support than fellow minnows like us. The whales wandering around here are already established but then still feed themselves with our support.

Yep, that's how it goes around here. I guess the great hope is that you will stumble upon content that you enjoy consuming, AND people that like the stuff you produce will stop by and roost from time to time. Personally, I've no interest/plans of accumulating some Steem fortune...I just think this is a nice platform to publish my work for a few eyes to see, without having to use the big corporate-controlled platforms :)

That's the really best way to do steemit, then just let yourself amazed after a few months of the monetary rewards.