Something In There Lies (Chapter 1)

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"Something in there lies and sleeps, something evil dies and weeps. Waken now so we greet, with blood of goats and that of sheep."

"Girls, this is ridiculous. This wont work. A mirror on the floor with two bowls of what, fake blood and knife and an old rhyme from a creepy book? This is just Bloody Mary all over again and nothing happens."

"Oh, shut up! It wont work if you are skeptical. Be optimistic at least. Jesse, is this the right blood?"

"Yes, of course. I went to my uncles farm, he's got just a few goats and a lot of sheep. He even had a black goat, but I didn't bleed them to death. I just cut a little on their butts and patched it up after. So we need to make this count, there isn't enough to make another seance."

"Alright, now everyone back to your spots, be perfectly still at each point of the star. After we say the words, we cut a hand just enough to make the blood drip on the mirror. Then we quickly dip our fingers in the animals blood, rub it on our lips and quickly kiss each other. I will then pour the remaining blood onto the mirror and then we hold hands and say the words again. Ready?"

"Something in there lies and sleeps, something in there dies and weeps. Waken now so we greet, with blood of goats and that of sheep."

The girls, all in their teenage years, scurry to cut their hands and put blood on their lips kissing each other and wincing at the touch, some almost wiping it away. Sandra almost gagged and Katherine tried her best not to giggle. Then, they all held hands and said the words again and watched as Pam poured the remaining blood over the mirror. She sat back down and they waited in anticipation for something to happen. All but Kate. Kate could care less for this crap. Curious nonetheless. But she would rather be using her time playing pool with the guys, making jokes and messing around. She preferred hanging out with the boys, they never worried about silly things like their nails, or their outfits or brushing their hair 10 times a day. They just felt more real and wanted to have fun like she did, but her mom was starting to get all these bad thoughts about her hanging around with some guys, thinking all these bad things were happening so it was a good decision to hang out with some girls for a time. At least it seemed like a good idea, she thought, she also thought what a load of crap this night had turned out to be. She could be out on her BMX instead! Thousands of possibilities ran through her mind that would be better than this.

"Should we say the words again?" Asked Sandra.
"Quiet! Just sit and wait. There is nothing else to do." Pam was getting impatient with everyone and was secretly trying to hide that she was half scared and disappointed. Not sure what else they could do, she decided she would get some satisfaction through blaming others.

"Sandra, did you say the words? Did you even cut your hand and let it drip? I bet you were too scared to even kiss, or maybe you liked it too much which made everything go to shit. Jesse, you were probably too much of a coward to even get the right blood, you must have made a mix with food coloring."

"Hey, ya right! It was hard to get that blood, I actually had to cut those poor animals and I'm going to have to answer to my uncle when I get back for all this. You know what, I think the missing element is the person leading this has to lick the blood off the mirror. Why don't you try it, Pam? Or are you too chicken to do that?"

"Oh you are so gross! That's not even in the instructions! I'm outta here, you girls are useless."

"Fine! I'll lick it. Just to prove to you all that you are a sorry bunch of idiots. What a waste of my time doing this." Kate licked the mirror and grimaced. "Well see, nothing happened. And by the way, that is real blood, tasted like metal and sort of coagulated." Katie thought it was hilarious that all girls were gagging and coughing, quickly wiping the blood off their lips, although Sandra didn't do much except for stare at the remaining blood on her fingers.

"Omg, that was so gross, where's the bathroom-" Katherine stood up quick in hopes to be the first one to wash it all off and maybe puke.

"Me first! I need a shower to wash it all off, besides this is my house."

"No way Pam, I called it first."

"My house, me first."

"Well, as you girls are all busy fighting and being grossed out, I'm just gonna show myself out. Laters." Kate couldn't wait to get out of there. She didn't wait for someone to invite her to stay either. She just wanted to get outside, puke in the fancy garden bed to be rid of whatever crap kind of blood she just licked, hoping she doesn't catch some kind of disease from it. Sometimes, I should think twice before doing dumb shit like that, but it was so worth it, she thought to herself.


Kate spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and even though she slept so much she was still so very tired to the point where she would fall asleep in class. Hoping gym class will help her wake up, but all she could do was slouch and barely move around. Hitting the showers after class would surely do the trick.

The hot water was most welcoming and actually made her want to sleep even more. Wrapping the towel around her body, she felt a stinging sensation on the side of her stomach.
"What the hell is that?" Sandra saw Kate looking at a bad rash. "Everything ok, Kate? I've noticed today that you are not yourself. Looks like you are exhausted and now you got this icky rash thing happening."

"Ya, I just didn't sleep too well and I bailed on my bike yesterday."

"Serves you right for puking in my moms garden. You probably got that from licking that blood- oh-my-god, Sandra, get away from her, she's probably contagious."

"Pam, shut the hell up. I'm fine, I told you what happened. By the way, see any scary things in that mirror of yours?" Katie smirked and forced out a chuckle in hopes it would make Pam feel stupid.

"The only thing that was scary was you licking it. Oh, and also, Kate, you owe me. You broke my grandmothers antique mirror."

"No, I didn't, I never even held the damn thing."

"You were the last one to touch it. So either I give you the mirror and you get it fixed or you buy another antique to replace it. You're lucky I'm letting you fix it because I could just tell you to get a new one. "

"Whatever, Pam. Just give me the damn thing."

The rest of the day, Kate made sure to stay away from the group of girls , away from everyone really, she didn't want to see anyone and just felt grouchy, enough to want to punch the next person who talks to her.

Looking in the mirror, wanting to see what kind of a mess she looked like, all she could see was cracks and missing pieces. Odd, she noticed that the mirror didn't reflect anything at all. It just looked dark inside. Not black, just dark like if she was looking into a room and the light was coming from her side of the mirror.

"Ugh! Stupid mirror." Kate shoved it back in her bag, regretting she ever tried hanging out with such ridiculous people.


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Oooh, looks like you found your mojo on this one! Way to set the tone. Looking forward (maybe) to what happens next...

Im working on the next part this weekend. Stay tuned :D thanks for reading!

I was able to write up chapter 2! its out now :)

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I agree with Katie - you definitely got your mojo back! I've been so distracted, I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.

When's the next installment?

Hey no worries, I've been distracted as well with home crap. Reason why I haven't gotten another one out yet. I'll be working on it so that I can get one out this weekend for sure. Depending how my days go, I have to run to town, and if I'm not gone all day I may be even able to get it out tomorrow :)

Thank you for your support and taking the time to read. I know how hard it can be to take a moment. So I appreciate this so much, from both you and Katie <3

Any time. Out of sight isn't always out of mind. Oh, and if you haven't heard the news, have now finished and passed my course to teach English as a foreign language. I'm now starting a course for online teaching....

OH SWEET! Well done! And congrats!!!!!!! That is great news! I'm happy for you :D Let me know how it goes, I'm excited for you :D

Thank you. And for the good wishes. It's on my list of things to write about...

chapter 2 is now available :D

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