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RE: Black and Silver - Chapter 6

in #fiction5 years ago

I will like to follow to the end , hmm, is interesting, money is the root of all evil , i think Adam is confuse , or maybe he is compassionate, thing of the money and thinking of those going to be affected when his aim is to get the assignment done. Schattenjaeger is that the end, hope is not. Keep flowing , nice write up, i want to see more/ thanks


Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

Adam is actually not interested in the money, he's working undercover in order to get Diaz to work with him locating the virus, which Adam wants to make sure doesn't end up in the hands of terrorists, etc.

Or he was, until Diaz, being a criminal, betrayed him.

Now Adam needs to find Diaz in order to find the virus.

Thanks for the correction.

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