The Snack Doctor (Short Fiction, Part 1)

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This is Part 1 of a work of fiction. Please check my blog again soon for the next installment.

Kelsey’s cough lasted one day too long.

While Catherine rarely took her children to the doctor, this thing had gone on for a month now. The day before, Kelsey had left school early again, this time complaining of dizziness.

It was time to find out what was going on. Was this just a bad string of seasonal cold viruses or did her daughter have an infection of something worse? Catherine called the doctor’s office and got a same-day appointment.

Kelsey, age 11, got to take the day off from school for her appointment. She was nervous because she hated needles. Remembering her recent flu shot, she felt certain that they would use a needle to take a blood sample.

Catherine tried to find a mother’s balance between reassuring her nervous child yet making clear to Kelsey that skipping school was not a casual decision. This would not be a fun, easy day in front of the TV. If you’re really sick and losing one day of school lessons, then you need to see that mommy taking the day off from work and taking you to the doctor is a serious decision.

For the rush appointment, the regular doc was not available. They were given a young man who looked like he was just out of med school. Indeed, Dr. Banerjee introduced himself as a new pediatrician. He also told Kelsey that he had two daughters, though both were younger than her. And he told her that he would not take a blood sample unless needed, which probably would not happen today.

The doctor and nurse weighed Kelsey, looking in her eyes, ears, and mouth, and took her blood pressure in lying, sitting, and standing positions, plus they requested a urine sample to check for the presence of any infections.

After running through this litany of tests, it became clear that Kelsey was okay. “Okay” meant that she didn’t have an infection and her bout of dizziness hadn’t resulted from any blood pressure changes. Instead, Dr. Banerjee quizzed her about her eating habits.

By the end of their discussion, the doctor had become convinced she wasn’t eating enough for breakfast before school.

Kelsey explained she wasn’t very hungry for breakfast most mornings. She always ate something, explained Catherine, though it was a struggle to get her to take more than a few bites.

“What time do you have your snack at school?” the doctor asked.

“Never,” said Kelsey. “We don’t have snacks.”

“No snack?” Dr. Banerjee seemed horrified. “What time do you eat lunch?”

“12:20,” Kelsey replied.

“And they don’t give you a break?”

“I have a few minutes between classes,” Kelsey explained, “but I have to walk to the next building.”


The doctor did not seem pleased. “I don’t know how middle school works. My children are still younger. And they always eat snacks. The way I see it, children need snacks.”

Catherine walked out of the doctor’s office, opening the door for her daughter, Kelsey. Mother carried a letter signed by Dr. Banerjee, which would be put in her daughter’s care tomorrow and submitted to the school.

Paragraph 1 of the letter excused Kelsey’s absences from school.

Paragraph 2 kindly requested that the school accommodate Kelsey’s medical needs. Every morning, between breakfast and lunch, they needed to let her eat a snack.

This has been Part 1 of a work of fiction. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon to my blog.

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Hello friend, happy start of the year, how are you? I love this little story no doubt partly reflects some problems that occur in our children's schools, snacks are very important, their times to take their meals too, I want to see the next part to see if the school takes action, the Health is the most important thing, Catherine is the mother who pays attention to her daughter, many do not pay attention to a faint or a fever.


Thank you. It will be short, just two parts.


Wow, fiction,well i feel where i am currently, its difficult visiting the hospital too often, maybe because we tends to take more herbal therapy to keep us more healthy for our day to day activities.

Brother, how are you? I lost a bit of your blog in terms of comments but when I have the time I pass and do a reviction, the health of children is very important, I still do not have children but I see how at home they take attention to any discomfort of one of my cousins, hopefully all the doctors to be well exams look more thoroughly the reason for the discomfort of your patient, I will be attentive to the next part.

Happy New Year!

When I was in grade school, a couple of times I pretended I was sick so I can watch sailor moon or dragonball z then in middle school I hated skipping school coz I didnt want to miss any dramas happening with my colleagues lol

Good Reads!

Happy New Year to you and your family, Tom!


That's right. It was about the same with me. Happy New Year!


Happy new year @donkeypong.

Will be posting soon a story of a fishing festival. Hope you gonna enjoy it.

as i see it children have got to eat balanced meals and healthy snacks throughout the week for their growth and development

@donkeypong, Happiness and prosperous new year to you. Glad to see you come back to steemit after celebrated new year with another fiction story. It's very easy to understand story to anybody. I have seen children like Kelsey. They didn't take snacks in school time like her. It's bad attitude. Snack must need to keep actively children. And improve their brain. Unfortunately some children haven't opportunity coz they are desolate families around the world without meals. I guess Kelsey's school given more facilities. See you next.


Many students cannot even get a good lunch, much less snacks. It's important for the brain certainly.

Always waiting for your best stories. First of all happy new year dear. In pakistan all doctors recomment light deit for your good health. Snacks is best lunch for our kids. Health is very important for our life. Our kids like mostly chocolates and ice cream. Kids mostly like sweets. Thanks for sharing this great story. @donkeypond.

Its glad to know that I found more account who write a short story, I also write a short story, but i write it in Indonesia or my own language. If only I could write it in English. Its much better and influnce more poeple

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When I was in school, we never really had snacks breaks but my mum ensured that we have enough for breakfast. Then I grew up and had younger cousins under my care, I began to pay more attention to their diet needs and I discovered that I should give them snacks for school. In addition to the snacks parents should make sure a child has some fruits too, very good for a developing child.

Great story, the mum should pay more attention to the child's needs.

It's good fiction

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When I was younger I used to fall sick a lot n I also didnt really like eating that much, unless it was junk food pf course. My teachers knew this, so I was always allowed to go the cantine before break when it was needed, and most times I would even get dibs on the food from them n students wen something special had happened. But then around twelve I had some intestine issues which led to a few surgeries.

But since then, everything changed and my metabolism went into overdrive. To the point I now am a menace to any and all types of food and my wallet tends to suffer the most because of it. lol

Anywho, happy new year, and I'll be looking forward to part 2!

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Is this 'based on a true story' perhaps? I went through something similar before I started homeschooling, but it was elementary school where they weren't getting breaks or snacks, and their recess was only ten minutes! Which is a large part of the reason I started homeschooling- my son didn't do well in that setting, he kept getting sad faces on his daily reports because he wanted to get up and stretch his legs- and they told me he was adhd and needed adderall. Sickening honestly, that they would consider giving a narcotic to a five year old because he had a difficult time sitting for seven hours- I was more concerned about the rest of the kids if they weren't doing the same, turning them into zombies these schools (well Florida anyway, which had the worst school system I had ever encountered- but the homeschooling network was awesome there, go figure ;)

In my opinion every parent must pay more attention to the food of his child. Catherine had to give Kelsey a healthy breakfast before she went to school so that her weight could match her age. But in my opinion the diagnosis of a young doctor was wrong. coughing is not caused by lack of food but is caused by a virus. But foods that are less able to reduce the body's immune system will make cough worse ..