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This story has been deleted for personal reasons. If you wish to see samples of my fiction and poetry in a format that makes it easier to look at my work, please see my blog.

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Love love love this. A great addition to Emerus. I look forward to our collaboration on this project.

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Thank you! I am honored.

Dragons have scales - and breathe fire - and sometimes need a hug? I LOVE IT!! This is the kind of unexpected quirkiness I look for in fiction. Who pictures the ferocious dragon as a smaller, bullied, outcast dragon? This is so cool!

This story amazes me. I just love these characters. I can't wait to put Amalynde in their world. :-)

This is an amazing story! Heart capturing.

Wonderful story. I was sorry it was over so soon.

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OF COURSE! Yes please!!

Great story!

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Thank you!


Welcome! Write more great stories! Thanks.

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