Kari (a prehistoric love affair-adult content)

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I was thinking about nature the other day and how the strong overpower the weak. There is no law to keep the lion from preying on the gazelle! It's a lion's nature to do so. Bees rip defective larvae from their cells and dispose of them! The stronger buck mates with the doe. The weaker buck looks on. His genetics may die out if he can't find a doe of his own.

There are many examples of how humans live differently from what is natural to their nature. If not for laws and moral values we would revert to a system where the strongest and smartest would prevail. I'm sure of it.

I have had this idea about writing a story about prehistoric men and how they evolved from creatures that followed the natural order of life into a civilized race of individuals. Specifically the interactions between the stronger sex and his weaker partner.

I wrote this as a sort of beginning to a love story that begins most violently, and if I decide to write the story, it will develop into what I imagine a prehistoric relationship might have been.

This short intro is how I imagine it would start.

Love in the Early Days

Kari rubbed the swollen bump on her head and groaned. The sound of men laughing nearby reminded her of her grave predicament. Beside her, Shari stirred and gasped when the pain of her broken teeth jarred her back to consciousness.

"Are you alright?" Kari asked quietly as her friend rubbed the side of her jaw.

"I think so," whispered Shari not wanting to draw the attention of their captors.

"Ha, you weren't laughing when the tall one kicked you in the balls, Carn! You shriveled up like a bug on a hot stone!"

The remark brought more laughter from the small group of men as they joked among themselves recounting the recent raid.

"Well, if you hadn't knocked her senseless I would have broken her neck for that! I still claim her Pele'! You have a woman at home, and she will make me a suitable mate."

From across the fire, Pec laughed at his friend and said, "Why do you need a mate? She ruined any chance of you ever having children! I never saw a man drop to the ground so fast in my life. It's as if the woman cracked you on the head with a rock!"

Pec stood up and acted out the incident once more. He stood with his feet apart stared stupidly into space opened his mouth and grabbed his crotch then fell to his knees. This pantomime brought loud shouts of joyful laughter from his companions.

Carn rubbed his sore balls and glared good-naturedly at his friends.

He grumbled and said, "She'll be a good mate, her hips are full, her breasts are firm, and she has her teeth! You knocked the other's teeth out when you hit her! She won't be able to soften your hides, Pec!"

"She'll soften hides, and warm my bed too. I think she's the better of the pair. She's not the lioness, like the one that dropped the great Carn to his knees!"

Another roar of laughter erupted from around the campfire.

Carn looked over to the spot where the captive girls lay and noticed the tall one glaring back.

"Ha! They're awake! I'll show you who can't have children!"

Carn marched over to the captives and seized Kari by the hair, lifting her from the ground. She screamed as this brute threw her toward the campfire and struck her open-handed across the face.

She smelled his sweet breath as he brought his face close to hers and snarled words that she couldn't understand.

"If you ever kick me in the balls again I'll feed you to the dogs!"

She snarled back at him and raked him across the face with her nails.

Carn drew back startled by her attack.

"Why you little bitch!"

Whatever he said brought howls of laughter from his companions.

He rushed at her and threw her to the ground then straddled her and began pulling at her deerskin skirt. His hand forced the soft leather over her bare thighs. Shari knew what he was trying, and she wasn't about to have it. She lifted her knee sharply, but Carn was expecting resistance and dodged the blow expertly. The group of men cheered on their companion's efforts at taming this wildcat of a woman!

He struck her hard enough that she tasted blood.

Seizing both her wrist in one of his big hands he quickly pulled her arms over her head and forced her legs apart with his knees. He positioned himself between her legs and with his free hand, he loosened his breechclout.

Kari cried out in anger and pain as Carn forced her legs further apart. His hand closed around her throat and cut off her airway. Kari's vision tunneled and her struggling lessened. She stiffened, and Carn relaxed his grip on her throat. She could breathe again and gulped air through her bruised windpipe. The rapist smiled as he pushed himself inside her. She struggled and blushed with shame as her vagina wetted to ease her attacker's thrust against the soft tissue. She screamed and went limp, sobbing with shame and unable to defend herself against his greater strength.

Carn spent himself inside her, and the weight of his body held her to the ground as he caught his breath. He rolled away from her and laughed. Kari pulled her skirt down over her thighs and curled into a fetal ball silently crying. Stunned by the violence, she lay quietly, her mind racing, one-moment​ vowing vengeance​ and the next thinking of escape while the strange men laughed and guffawed and slapped their companion on the shoulder. They must be congratulating him for asserting himself on his weaker victim she thought.

Another man went to where Shari watched in horror then pulled her to a bed of skins he had arranged near the fire. Her feeble struggles stopped when he slapped her across her injured jaw and pointed to the makeshift bed.

Pec said something that made his companions laugh, but Shari was unfamiliar with the strange words these men spoke.

Pec forced her down on the skins and pulled a large hide over and crawled in beside her.

Soon the camp quieted, and the men began to settle near the fire to sleep.

Her attacker snatched Kari from the ground where she hadn't moved since the violent rape and shoved her toward skins he laid out for them to share. When she resisted, he violently grabbed her arms and shook her until she went limp. Her feeble strength was no match for him so she meekly complied to his demands fearing he would hurt her more than she already had been.

Carn gathered Kari to him, his broad chest against her small back, and pulled a buffalo robe over them. Shari felt his hot breath on her neck and his strong arms curled around her.

Later in the night, Carn's loins stirred again. He forced her to lift her leg and with only a small struggle he had his way once more.

The story will continue with her assimilation into a new tribe, his growing love for her and her eventual acceptance of him as her mate.

Many years later Shari sobbed as she and the wive's of her sons washed the body of Carn, the chief of the Crominni Tribe. He had been a good mate and provided well for her and her children.

She will come to love him!

That's how I imagine life might have been when the strong took what they wanted from the weak!

Your thoughts?

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Interesting storyline. I will look forward to reading more of this one. One teensy weensy question, @beekerst. Will you finish writing The Triple Helix? I have been really curious to hear what happens...I haven't written any more on Ceci's story for a while. I want to finish it but life around here has been a little crazy...

Yeah, I think I can wrap up volume “one” of the Helix in a few more chapters but I need to back off until the inspiration comes back... I’m stuck at the moment! I figured your predicament trumps whatever you have in mind for little Ceci. I’ll be watching for her return!

I wish it didn't. I think little Ceci needs her story told...

That may have been the way it was in the beginning, but women will win out in the end!!

Ain't it so? We can't live without them! They tame the savagery of the primitive inner man! HA!

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