"Written in Red" (A Novel of the Others Book 1) Review

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You know that book that you start it and don’t want to put it down. And then when it is done you are excited to read the next installment. Written in Red (A Novel of the Others Book 1) by Anne Bishop was one of those books for me. Her is her website https://www.annebishop.com/b.written.red.html
In this book, Earth is inhabited by humans but they are not the top of the food chain.

The true rulers are called the Others that incorporate entities such as shapeshifters, vampires, and elementals and as far as they are concerned humans only good as prey. Humans may be expanding across the world, but every so often they have to be reminded who is really in power.

This story focuses around Meg Corbyn, who shows up in the middle of a storm, half frozen asking for a job in the Lakeside Courtyard, where the Others have business district that is open for both humans and Others. Simon, a shapeshifter, needs a human liaison for the district. He knows there is something different about Meg, she doesn’t smell like prey and she is hiding something.

Meg has definitely got secrets. She has escaped from servitude as a blood prophet (when she cuts herself, she has visions), her owners want her back and they are not afraid to play dirty. Can Meg find a place with the Others or will she just get eaten?

I feel the theme of this books is being open to learn about another culture and how to communicate and build relationships. Just because someone is frightening, a little kindness and respect can open doors.

This is a really fast, good read and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

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Hello Friend how are you? I caught this brief review of this book that you start
You leave a question Can Meg find a place with the Others or will she eat them? I await the answer and the next review to know more about this world where humans do not dominate

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Looks great! I want read it soon

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Hello friend how are you?
Thanks for share "Written in Red".

Friend, how are you? How is your week going? Wow another good book to enjoy together I think it's wonderful to know stories with you from books of no conosco this seems interesting and very good I catch my attention and I'll be waiting for your next review, I send greetings

Hello friend @altportal interesting this review written in red first time I hear it but when reading the review I remember a little one called the games of hunger I saw it on film I do not remember if the book exists but the content is something similar only here are other types of people

You are right the subject of the book is open I was imagining it while I was reading your review

He has visions when he cuts interesting I would like to read this book I will try to find it maybe find it free in a page for now your summary is very good leave me wanting to read all this book

Good night

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