Adelaide Steem Meet Up October 2019 - ‘An FFF Entry’

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na81917htk.jpgA chicken burger and a Coke No Sugar

A warm gust of wind embraced me like an old friend as I stepped out from the cleaning course I do on Thursdays and Fridays, and into the 38 degree Celsius day heat. I was free for the rest of the day and I was excited, despite the heat, as I stepped onto the bus that would take me into the city.

October 31st was not only Halloween, but the night of the Adelaide Steem Meet Up as well!
In the past, Halloween was considered “just an American tradition”, against religious puritanical ideals, and often far too hot to be dressed up and going trick or treating.

But you should never underestimate how quickly Australians will make an excuse for a “piss up” (an alcohol fueled party) and get dressed up in costumes. Thankfully times are changing and there are modest attempts in the suburbs to decorate homes to be as spooky as possible, but the real effort is focused in the middle of the city with people dressing up and just plain having fun, despite the heat.
Although there are the way-too-early Christmas decorations already going up in the lead up. I don’t bother trying to question it.

By the time I got to the city, the heat had lessened somewhat and daylight savings meant that we could gather around beer garden section of The Jade pub (formerly the Jade Monkey).

5vwtvlnytf.jpg The warmer weather has dried out the vines for a spooky effect. And yes, that’s a doll’s head!

“I hope that’s not contagious!”, I joked upon seeing @minismallholding dressed up as a zombie, and her daughters were also dressed up in fantastic creations of their own. I think @holoz0r has proper photos of everyone.


Most of the time we have the beer garden to ourselves, which allows us to talk about Steem, Splinterlands, and all things crypto and block-chain related, while also discussing the various life events that makes human interaction so important. Strangers bonding over Steem first and occasionally common interests. The human face of Steem, so to speak. That night, however, there was a band and a few other people milling about.

mb92xwhins.jpgFood cooked to order

I can’t remember if they still make the Vietnamese vegetable and meat bread rolls (Banh Mi) there, but they made the awesome, if slightly burned chicken burger in the first image. They also do potato wedges and chips made of sweet potato.

fnbe34z901.jpgThe atmosphere was electric! @thevillan overseeing @ctrpch and @holoz0r with enthusiasm.

It really was a great night, and I think a good time was had by all. It’s great to see the Adelaide Steem community growing. There were probably about 5 other members that I know couldn’t make it this month. Our goal, while still remaining decentralised, is to be one of the biggest regular meet ups in Australia. This particular night we had a total of 15 people including myself and I think it’s going to be standing room only once Splinterlands takes off.

ki7oldvuzo.jpgWe’re here on the last Thursday of every month.

If you’re in Adelaide, South Australia on the last Thursday of the month, come and join us. It starts at 6pm and goes until around 9pm depending on what's going on. There’s a drinks tab too! I’d love to see you there. :)

Thank you for reading!

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Spewin I missed gets in the way sometimes.

Looks like it was a blast, catchya at the next one.

Was a great night, the band and costumes were a bonus.

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@shaidon. Our food fight rewards are about to get really exciting man. Like, really - really. I know you were already planning on bringing another home run to the table this week, this is just a friendly reminder as well as a pump up. I’ll announce the official wOrd on the next contender post but it’s big dude. We’d like to see all of the food fighters and then some join the fight this week. Hopefully we’ll see you then.

This just got real exciting. 👍🏿 Thanks for all of your support.

Yeah, I have some cool photos. It's just a matter of compiling a narrative around them.
I prefer not to make promises as something always happens to get in the way, but I do want to put another entry in this week. It's often the highlight of the week.

....the highlight of the week.

That makes two of us. 👍🏿

Love the story telling introduction to this! 😁

I think the rolls they do are basically banh mi. They've just changed the name to the fillings (lemongrass chicken, etc). Maybe the Vietnamese names were confusing too many drunks. ;D

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Thank you. I wanted to try something different with my blog posts and make them more entertaining, descriptive and immersive.

I'll have to check out their menu more closely the next time I go there.

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The rolls are good. Even the small ones are a good size.

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From 6pm on the last Thursday of each month. All welcome.
Still finalising time and venue for end of year; but I expect to post in the next day or so. (Work's been a little dumb with my roster.)

I've edited this again to reflect that bit of information.

I've edited this
Again to reflect that bit
Of information.

                 - shaidon

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Nice, @shaidon! Congratulations on the reward, sir. 👍🏿

That is a tough evening to beat, good food a couple cold ones to beat the heat and best of all some delicious food to satisfy those taste buds. I need to find a Steem meetup around here somewhere, it would be cool to meet some fellow Steemians
Thanks for always joining us for some Food Flingin' Fun

In Australia there is a lot of "urban sprawl" meaning that people live a long way away from each other. Adelaide has a fair bit of that too, but with a centralised location, but decentralised format, it works well.

If you can't find one, you can always start one. Find a local pub that's easy for people to get to possibly in the central business district of your area, one with decent lighting and then find a time when you think people will be available. Ours is on the last Thursday of the month at 6pm until around 9pm depending people's schedules.

I’m not one for planning events but it would definitely be cool to see if there was anyone “nearby” that was on Steem also. I might have to do some sort of a roll call post. Lol.

I am not really either, but I am glad that someone did. And it's taken a few years to grow, but it allows people to invite their friends to look at Steem and take a look at it without any real pressure.

We used @rustle as a way of getting people to talk to each other and really connect as a community.

Thanks for your summary post mate!

Thanks for the upvote. It was a good night for a meeting. Daylight savings and the warmer night meant that people could relax and be themselves.

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Hey @shaidon, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

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