Food Fight Saturday!?!

in fff •  3 months ago

Food Fight Friday!

late, I know, don't expect to be in the running....

So I do have a brief little story to tell.......

Last night I was meeting a friend at 7 o clock sharp for some great eats.....I had an hour or so to kill after work before the meetup....I know! I'll go ahead and write my #fff post and then just insert the pictures after dinner! Maybe a tweak or two....? Genius! Great! Two Birds! We got to the restaurant and the wait was longer than either of us felt like putting up with so off we went into the sunset to another joint for similar but different food. Goodbye pre-written post! It was a great meal and a good time was had. I didn't take any pictures alas so I had nothing to come home and show.........

But I didn't want to miss out on posting two weeks in a row.....!

So Behold Saturday Lazy Plate!


2 types of Salami

Dried Apricots

Honeyed Goat Cheese


Oh and a glass of wine for good measure.........clearly not pictured!

Everyone's stuff looked great this week!

Thanks again for your time and attention!



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This is what makes FFF so awesome. It doesn’t have to be some fancy planned out dish. It’s an anything goes, all out FOOD FIGHT!!!
I am sure @foodfightfriday will let you slide on in this time. Just keep your eyes peeled for that dreded Fish-Slap.
Honeyed Goat cheese??? Hmmm never heard of that, shoot I have never even had goat cheese before. Ha ha ha


Pleased to report the goat cheese was really good. Went well with the apricots, the spicy salami might have been a little overpowering for it though.

I give the whole shebang a 7/10.


This comment was in my brain before i read it, woah lol. Yeah right...honey goat cheese hmmmm, sounds up my alley.

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"Best laid plans of mice and men..." lol.

I must say I'm a tiny bit upset that one of your salami isn't the peppered one... but only because it's my favourite. My taste buds are tingling just thinking about it now. Lol.

Well done on not missing another week... better late than never 👍oh, and get your neck brace ready just in case Mr @foodfightfriday is lurking somewhere. That fish certainly does come with a slap!

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Haha… this is a nice looking man plate (I mean charcuterie plate). Definitely try and get the wine in the picture next time :). Always a fun entry @jackofcrows.


Thanks! Saw you got a curie nod. Way to go!


Thanks for noticing. It is a pretty rad reward when people notice your content. I think curie should be hitting several #foodfightfriday posts every time; so much good content there. Enjoy the rest of you weekend friend!

Hey, @jackofcrows.

At least you entered something. I usually cook on Saturdays, so don't try to enter it until the following Friday. Not this Saturday but the previous one, I cooked a meal I'd already written about, and didn't even have a Lazy Saturday Plate to offer. :)

That's the great thing about this contest. As long as it's about food somehow, it's welcome. And the story about what you were going to eat but didn't was good, too, so there's that. :)


It was an even better story when it was what it was....or something!


Hey, @jackofcrows.

You know, I'm going to agree with you on this one. And it might actually be true for most of my five minute freewrites.

This one kind of ended without that big of a twist, though, and I do have a few people who always seem to want to know the rest of the story and so I figured I let those who just wanted the five minutes an opportunity to read that and those who wanted to know how things turned out could. And I even weaved in a minor moral to the story, too, so I'm good. :)