Empowered Erotic Communication- Upcoming Photo/Video/Blog Series

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I’m putting together a special series for an erotic art show (my first gallery show!) and at least internet publication (including Steemit). The theme is “Empowered Erotic Communication”.

(Me, actually. Credit: Primitive Images. I've worked either in front or behind the camera going on 14 years.)

Here is a short trailer showing some erotic film directing work of mine - NSFW/18+ link:

My first gallery show is set to be at Sanctuary Club in Portland, Oregon (https://sanctuaryclub.com) for the month of March with proceeds of print sales going to Call to Safety, a local domestic violence organization (https://calltosafety.org/). I'm also interested in showing at (and am speaking with) other galleries around the world. I have been directing and producing ethical erotica for the same company for almost a decade- and now I am venturing out on my own (It’s new! It’s exciting! Am so glad I found Steemit!). I have a desire to continue to do empowering, ethical work and get creative exercise while supporting myself.

I am creating a range of intimate and erotic art stills (from candid, suggestive, non explicit, or more explicit imagery, depending on each model), along with non-explicit short videos of each person(s) speaking to something along the lines of:

•Something erotic that they enjoy, focusing on clearing up misconceived notions (a female feminist but they enjoy being submissive? Etc).
•Empowerment through being able to share with lovers what they actually like; finding that voice and the benefits.
•The process of being able to figure out what they enjoy erotically, whether alone or with partners.
•Education on a particular sex subject/act that they like.
•Their personal relationship with their sexuality, and how that affects their daily life (do they feel more confident in their day after orgasming? Etc).
•How they feel about working with me if an especially profound experience for them.
•How capturing sensual and erotic imagery can be empowering to help folks appreciate and feel better about themselves.

I'd like communication, empowerment, erotic education on pleasure, and a focus on realism to continue to be traits of my work. My goal is to continue creating content that encourages folks to embrace themselves and feel unashamed about who they are and what they enjoy.

Am seeking couples(+) and models of all genders for this, and have a very limited budget. Short shoots and low-key is what I’m going for. This is a personal project so everything is out of pocket (trade ideas encouraged). Let me know if you or anyone you can think of is interested! I am seeking potential models worldwide, and some last minute models in the Portland, Oregon and possibly LA areas during the month of February.

I'm also focusing on simple boudoir and intimate, candid couples' photography/videography, whether or not for publication/this project (and I travel). Work opportunities that includes barter, payment or travel credit/vouchers are all very welcome. I love working with folks who simply want imagery of themselves for personal use. I’m also open to directing, producing, photography, consultation and speaking gigs. All of these things will help create more content in the future and help support me along the way!

Steemit earnings will be helping to pay for the costs associated with this first gallery show of mine (printing, frames, etc)! I am intending to create steemit posts and also a site that focuses on education and empowerment around communication and sexuality. Thank you for any support!

I want to keep this post safe-for-work, so please check out my website (it's SFW with clearly marked NSFW content) for more samples/info on me.

Lily Campbell


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Ethical erotica. I've never heard that term until now but the concept sounds solid. Good luck with building your exhibition! Looking forward to seeing more.


this sounds amazing, much success to you...

Your art is gorgeous! Im in los angeles if you'd ever like to collaborate lmk!

This is awesome! Will stay tuned for more of this awesome stuff!


@skycae thanks for your support!

What a beautiful image @lilycampbell. I love what you're doing to promote education as the primary initiative in these explorations.


Thanks Jakob, that is definitely a huge part of it!

Gallery shows! Art stills! Videos! You are a busy person! I wish you good luck and much success on those projects! I am mesmerized by that image that accompanies this post; so artisitic and beautiful! 😊


Thank you very much! Nice to "meet" you last night!

I was told about you by @carlgnash and I am happy he did. I love that picture and I love that you create ethical erotica. Looking forward to seeing more of you. I have always wanted to get boudoir/erotic pictures done of me, but now I am older and my body doesn't really look good anymore, so I think my time has passed. But if you ever find yourself in the UK, maybe I will be brave enough then 😀.


A part of my series/work is based on empowerment in embracing yourself- and age is just a number. As a culture, we are generally youth obsessed, but that is changing. I am so happy to see sexy people with naturally greying hair being shown more and more as the sexy creatures they are. I would LOVE to help with a boudoir session sometime. I've found it can be really helpful to some women reclaiming their own view of themselves as beautiful. I love seeing that! Am seeking out travel experiences and might hit the UK! Thank you for your support! Also, check this out- http://sixtyandme.com/age-is-just-a-number-stereotypes-about-the-aging-process-and-beauty-in-older-women/

Also- I <3 @carlgnash


You are right: age is just a number, but I still find it hard to see pictures of myself naked. My skin is no longer smooth and supple, I bear the marks of pregnancy, c-sections and multiple surgeries and I feel no one really wants to see that. I was proudly grey for quite a few years, but I recently died my hair bright blue just for fun and it has kinda stuck. I don't mind being grey, it's my less-that-perfect body I have an issue with. Which is really unfair to my body as it has endured so much and really deserves a medal for still being around and still being able to give me pleasure.
(I may have actually talked myself into being a bit kinder to my body.)
Let me know if you are ever in the UK though!


I want this to be more of a discussion- thank you so much for sharing! I really like this subject, a lot. You're inspiring to me!


After I wrote about grey hair, I thought about editing to mention other physical things too- I find beauty in aging, honestly. I appreciate the experience that comes along with it too! I love that you did some self talk there! I would love to continue focusing on empowering photography- hearing your process inspires me, thank you- and would love to meet up with you sometime!

Congratulations on the gallery showing, and what an awesome thing to do with the proceeds! And as I mentioned before (at least I think I did) I adore the idea of ethical erotica, and empowering people to communicate with their partners about what they want.

That photo of you is absolutely exquisite! The photographer did an amazing job. The way you arch your left foot makes me think you had ballet training at some pointe (HA - see what I did there? 😜). I took classes from age 5 to 13, and while you'd never guess it now to look at me, my hubby says I still have dancer's feet.

I might know of a couple in LA who might be interested in working with you on some level. I'll put together an email tomorrow, and point them in your direction, just in case.

Sending lots of good juju to you on your new (ad)ventures!


Thank you! It's definitely a passion project. I used to model myself a fair bit, but never did ballet! That photog did a great job I think too.

That would be lovely to get intro'd to your friends, thank you! :)


Really? I'm surprised - you certainly have the arches for it!

And you're very welcome. 😊


I have heard a handful of times of folks thinking I have a dancer’s body. I’ve done a lot of art modeling which can involve a lot of tippy toe action, but mostly just dancing in privacy, because dancing to me is a lot more vulnerable of an action than taking my clothes off! If someone sees me bust a move they might think I have no groove, lol. I find absolutely no vulnerability in my own nudity, unless there are sharp things, hot things, or cops around. Ok, maybe my boobs, they’re not the perkiest and I may at times be a little shy of them. But besides that- yeah- whatever- it’s my body, I got one, you do too- they’re all pretty luscious and great in their own ways- or they should be to us at least, and they definitely are to someone(s) else. :)