A hawk in the gardens

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A hawk in the gardens

It is good to always be observant and looking around when going for a walk, take these shots, for example, I was heading out into the gardens to get some shots of Roses, but was also observant of things going on around me and noticed a lady up on the upper level leaning over to get some photos and I looked to see what she was taking photos of.

This is a post for #featheredfriday hosted by @keithboone, and I believe being run at the moment by @melinda010100.
I know its a day early but going with it today anyway LOL

1 Hawk-8.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/500 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

As you can see in the first shot it was a Hawk sitting on a Lamp in the gardens, Here is a closer in shot of the Hawk, which Someoen told ie is most likely a Red Tailed Hawk.

1 Hawk-9.jpg

Sony A7iii 166mm F11 1/160 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

I was lucky to see it when I got back up to my office after taking these shots I told a colleague who went down to see it and by the time he got downstairs, it was gone.
I think it may have flown through a storm or something as it was looking a little rough when I first saw it which you may notice a little in the previous shot, and it was focusing on preening itself up as it is in this next shot

1 Hawk-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/500 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And a last shot closer in of it, isn't it such a beautiful bird

1 Hawk-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 240mm F6.3 1/640 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And thats all Folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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Great captures! My dog was barking outside and when I went to investigate she was “talking” to a pair of hawks that were on our roof and I watched as they each flew over to a neighbor’s tree. I think they are magnificent birds and I hope they eat all of the rats in our neighborhood. I also hope they have a nest nearby!

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They sure are magnificent birds a couple have said this one was very young, which perhaps got lost once out of the next, which kind of makes sense as I have never seen one in the city before i hope it made its way safely somewhere
How coo your dog alerted you to some ear you, would be cool if they Estes close by and you saw them often

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You really managed to capture him perfectly and yes it sure is a spectacular looking bird. They are one of my all time favorites!

Some have said it is most likely a very young one which got lost which kind of makes sense as I don’t think I have ever seen one n the city before

Well, it is still nice that you got a chance to photograph him.

Ohh yes it sure was ;)

Wow, what a beauty, I really like the last 2 shots, probably my favorites overall. The soft background really makes the bird pop and so many fine details. Good eye for spotting that from your office! Watching like a Hawk paid off!!

LOL Watching like a Hawk, Not really i just needed a break from sitting a my desk and went for a stroll inthe gardens and happened upon it, I was lucky it left very soon after I took these shots

nice bird

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Thanks it was a cool surprise to see it

Beautiful bird indeed. I'm guessing you don't see a lot of hawks in N.Y.?

Hope he gets turned around and finds his flock but glad he dropped in for your photo shoot!

Probably out of the city they are a common site but I rarely see them in Manhattan

Love birds of prey; great photos!

Me to and I seldom ever get photos of them so this was a cool surprise

That's special! In South Africa we would see them often but I don't think there are any on this island

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They are seldom seen int he city in more remote areas there are plenty of them

Oh my gosh! It's a baby! If you look carefully at it oh, it still has some of its baby fluff! No wonder he's Meandering around the city oh, he probably got a little bit lost after he fledged. I actually was very surprised at how quickly mothers push their babies out of the nest. Seems like they just about get their feathers when they are being swept off into the world.

Wonderful shots and how lucky can you be? Catching such a wonderful moment it in your day. I hope you have a most awesome Thursday and unbelievably so, it is almost weekend!

Thank you for being such an awesome guide for #steemusa!


Someone else said the same about it being a Young one and that does perhaps explain why it stoped here, I never new they were kicked out on there own so young so that is something i have learnt today :)

Very close tot he weekend for me as I am telecommuting tomorrow as I have a follow up check with the Cardiologist and also it works out well or I timed it well with three Shipments arriving tomorrow for me I am kind of excited for them :)

Indeed i was so lucky to catch sight of this bird, it wasn’t there for too long

You to have a great day


Oh, telecommuting! How lucky are you? Good luck on the appointment although I am sure no surprises there.

What is coming in those shipments or is it a surprise?

Yes, because we have had so many birds nesting right outside our windows it has made it easy to see these habits. It really surprised me the first time I saw it. They have got to be survivors!

Thanks for the engage tokens! :)

Yes I am lucky, this appointment should be fine just a routine follow up so not concerned at all, the next one is the Dermatologist next month and that may well find something but i am used to that finding it early and dealing with it is the best thing

And One of the packages I will keep as a surprise as I may well do a post about it, one is some grooming stuff for my beard since i am considering growing out my Goatee a little, and he last one is a Lensbaby lens kit and I think there is one more but for the life of my I cannot remember what it is at the moment

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Thanks Kindly @dswigle :)

Wow, that talon though! It makes me think of something out of Jurasic Park when the doctor is showing that kid the velociraptor claw.

I have to admit I did think the same a couple of people have said this is a very young one and that could explain how it ended up here in the gardens, either way it was so cool to see it and be able to get shots of it

How incredibly cool. I think it's tattered looking because it's a young bird pretty freshly out of the nest. Might also be part of the reason it was in a place you don't normally see them....

And yes. It's a beautiful bird...

Thanks for the info, that makes a lot of sense as to why it was there

Thanks for your visit


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What a gorgeous bird... awesome you were able to get such close up photos of it!

Ohh yes i was so lucky a short while later it was gone !ENGAGE 50

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Ohh yes indeed i was truly lucky to be Abe to get close enough to get these shots, Birds normally fly away from me lOL

Awesome, looks like a red tailed hawk, used to see them daily in NorCal.. They often get into sky fights with murders of crow which is epic.

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Yes on the other post where i shared a photo of this one someone else said it was the Red Tailed Hawk, others have said this is a very young one

Very nice photos!! This bird is very beautiful!

Thanks it was a pleasant surprise to see it and get shots

Fantastic red tail hawk photos! Glad you were aware he was there. Having a camera in your hand does cause you to be more observant. I love that head scratching shot! Thanks for entering these to #featheredfriday!

I was lucky to spot him he was only there for a short while andI think that head scratching shot is my favorite ;)

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Very nice close-up shots of the hawk!

Thanks I was so lucky to happen to walk out when it was there a few minutes after taking these shots it had flown away

All very good photos of a beautiful bird, but the two portrait shots are great, especially the one where he closes his eyes and scratches his head :)
I bet, your photos are worlds better than that womans photos ;)

I think you may be right about my photos being better than the woman but mainly because i had a good angle for shots, whereas she was stuck up there and couldn't get down to where I was
I to love the shot of its scratching its head

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You're welcome JJ 😀
I have added both commands, one per line, but it didn't work.
Then I made two separate comments, and it worked. Those bots act strange sometimes 🙃

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Ohh yes bots can be strange sometimes, thanks so much truly appreciated

You had so much luck that day: a hawk so close and fearless sitting there and posing nice for you. He even was making some fun by scratching his head. You had a long lens with you, and your position to shoot was perfect, as far as I can tell from the photos.

I also saw a hawk this morning. He flew beside the road, but I had no chance to stop - maybe next time 😁

Edit: I tried to give a tip and engage tokens, but it didn't seem to work - I'll try it in separate comments ;)

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Yes Fate was kind to me that day, as I was heading outside it was to take shots of the roses in the garden and I was kind of frustrated I had the zoom lens and not the macro with me, but then I saw the Hawk and was happy I had the 24-240 with me :)
How cool you also saw a Hawk, Hopefully next time you do you will be able to get shots of it

Tip and engage only work if you have enough tokens I know I have got caught out with tipu a couple of times when I have forgotten to top up my account and ran out of funds

Have a great weekend

About the same happened to me this morning after I saw the Hawk. I wanted to shoot some macros at the reservoir, but I have put the 70-200 on the camera, just in case I see a bird for featheredfriday before I get to my insects. I saw a group of swans, and when I photographed them I saw another animal 😁
I wish you a nice weekend too.

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How cool is that the right lens at the right time for such a cool shot ;)

That's for tonight's post. I have seen and photographed them quite a few times by now, but none has looked direct at me, and no photo was really sharp or any good. Today I have got a few quite sharp photos, but the 70-200 is too short - I know now, what to save for ;)

I suspected it would be for tonight’s post how cool it was looking right at you
A longer lens would have been so handy right then do you have one in mind to get ?

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You really got lucky with this one, but are great photographer as well of course. I see these boys flying up in the sky, but nowhere near would one sit down. I have some ducks and gees for #featheredfriday, so watch out, lol.

Ducks guess and seagulls are normally the only birds I ever get shots of, I was so lucky this one happened to land in this spot and get some shots I normally also only ever see them in the distance

Oh my gosh! Me too! Well that's my post for tomorrow, lol.

I look forward to seeing it :)

Nice capture :) Cheers :)

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Thanks Kindly it was a nice surprise to come across this

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I keep dreaming that one day I will make it into the top 1000 LOL

What a wonderful city sighting, yes I have heard small hawks arriving in the city of NY there was an article a couple of years ago about how they were learning to live on high ledges of buildings, swoop over the parks and take a few pigeons or rats for food. At the time I still thought, well done another gold star for nature taking back a bit of her own!

Yes indeed it was a cool sighting, and now that you mention it I do remember seeing some in Central park once, and discovered they had a nest on one of the buildings and were doing just as you say and I thought how cool is that I only ever saw them in the distance never close enough for good shots

That may have been a once in a lifetime photography session, now you know they are around you will be looking up and down, birds tend to do that to us.

Yes I do believe it was just that a once in a lifetime thing to see and I count myself blessed to have seen it I have been looking around since I saw it and have not seen any sign of them at all

Walking early mornings before the crowds arrive you may get lucky enough to see them hunting for breakfast, yes rare moments in sightings like this are cherished.

Early morning is when I do most of my walks, I love when it is quiet,

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