Feathered Friday

It's the day before #featheredfriday and I like to put the reminder post up a day early so that participants have a spot to place their links. If you have an active #featheredfriday post that you put up earlier in the week feel free to post your link here and hopefully more people will stop by to see your birds!


I went out early this morning to try to get some photos that I could use for today's #FeatheredFriday post. But I was unsuccessful. It is hard to get bird photos when there are so many leaves on the trees! So here are a couple of gull photos.


I will keep trying because I know the time is rapidly approaching when many of our visitors will start going South and I know I don't have enough bird photos for a winters worth of challenges!

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Shadow Photo Contest--Round 81 Playground Shadows

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I love watching seagulls, a beach without them seems empty, many are migrating inland over here with dump sites which I really hope does not become a problem in time Melinda.

Once again, better late than never... or early whichever way you want to look at it LOL.... https://www.palnet.io/featheredfriday/@joanstewart/gliding-through-thermals

Oh, I have seen some hanging out at the dump here. Easy pickins I suppose.

beautiful seagull pictures, although to get very difficult, definitely need patience and speed and dexterity, good picture @melibda10100

Thank you. I don't see many seagulls here. We are a long way from large bodies of water, but they stop in once in a while here on the river.

Those paintings would be beautiful on any bird lovers wall! Thanks for sharing them with us.

They really look so beautiful on our walls; I am starting to run out of walls with all the paintings we've collected as I have some artists in my family as well :)
We're truly blessed!

Gulls are birds too. 😊

😂🤣😂. Why yes they are!

The pigeons here in London don't migrate. So I'm safe for this winter challenge :)

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Ha! I'll be looking forward to seeing your shivering pigeons!

Hi Melinda, nice gull photos.
Here is my pigeon photo. The post is again about pigeons. 😀



They are such pretty colors! Great photos!

Well seagulls will have to do for now but i know you will capture them beautiful colored birds again soon...lol 😀

I'm hoping there will be lots of visitors during the fall migration!

Lets hope so the more fun 😀

And the cake?! Where's the cake?! 😮


It was pretty yummy!

I'll have a dig around for a bird photo. It seems like months since I did much regular posting? 😐
'School holidays' are a very busy time for teachers.
I'm only managing one or two posts a week it seems?

So are many others... Since the 50/50 now is the time to focus on curating!

I know many people don't like sky rats seagulls, but they've always had a special place in my heart! You have a couple of great captures here, @melinda010100 and I'll see if I can put in a good word with the birds around here and see if they can convince your birds to put on a good show for you before they leave for the winter!

Speaking of "my" birds (LOL!) here's my latest contribution to the fabulous #FeatheredFriday!


Thanks again for being a fantabulous hostess - !tip steem

How in the world were we not following each other? Being far from any large bodies of water I only see seagulls occasionally around here. Both of these photos were taken at 'my' river.

I know, right? I actually closed the tab on your profile, and opened it again, thinking the page hadn't fully loaded when I saw the "Follow" button...lol! Glad we've gotten that sorted. 😂

We live near a ton of farms, so sometimes I forget how close we actually are to the ocean (we do live in an area called, "Seacoast New Hampshire, so you'd think I'd remember...😜). I'm so glad you have "your" river so you can enjoy the gulls too. 😊

It's the intention that counts! Don't worry, birds will be around, sometimes when you least expect them! 😉

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These are great, and no leaves in the way!

Thanks! I really don't want to wish the leaves away!

Exactly, I know how long and cold and snowy last winter was. The winter is great for bird photos except all of them leave for the winter!

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