Wonderful pictures of the fish-eating bird! My birds eat bugs...

Great photos of your bug eaters!

Great shots, Melinda! I love the first one, and then that next one with the fish as well! Here's my post for this week:

Thanks, and thanks for adding your link here! Your photos are wonderful, as always!

Thanks for sharing!
Here's my #featheredfriday post for the day!

What a cutie! Thanks for sharing your #featheredfriday link here!

I love the picture with the fish.we have them here in New Jersey.they stay underwater for a long time.A7303558.jpg

Great photo! They are such interesting birds!

Great shot Melinda, this guy really captured big fish wow!
Here is my attempt to capture Red cardinal again, lol. Little better than last time and if I had one of those fancy lenses, it would e great, because he was sitting there for a while. But I couldn't get closer, because I was behind the fence. He flew away anyway, lol. The photo is cropped a lot by the way.
IMG_3562 (2).jpg

Look at that handsome guy! You did great... I often rely on cropping too! Thanks for sharing him with us!

Oh thank you Melinda.........I just don't like the wall behind him. However, I hope I get better chance once my daughter get that feeder. Luckily, Cardinals staying over the winter and they look beautiful against the snow. Well, I don't have to tell you that, lol. I remember your amazing birds winter shots 😍

Cardinals are photogenic any time! Yours is so lovely that I did not even notice the wall until you pointed it out!

Yes they are, but green background or sky is always much better than brown wall, lol.

Cormorant is an amazing bird. I was thinking to post some of them today, but changed my mind, as I found this small cutie, hope you'll enjoy it:

Lovely bird photos! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday!

Wonderful gull photos, but all is well with the ducks?

Wow these cormorants are cool looking birds! Awesome catch with
the cormorant catching some lunch! :-)

Stained glass eagle

The water the fish catch was made in was infested with alligators! I was taking alligator photos when I saw this guy. He was either brave or stupid! Love that stained glass eagle.

You got some awesome Cormorant shots, @melinda010100! I think I've only ever gotten one or two pictures, and from a great distance. Such amazing looking birds!

Here's my contribution for the week -

Thanks again for hosting this tag - !tip steem

Great dove photos, @traciyork! Thanks so much for promoting the tag and for posting your link here! 😘

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Thanks so much!

They are beautiful birds. I haven't ever seen one up close.

They are impressive fishermen!

Its really awesome photography of Cormorants bird.

Thank you! I do like watching them!

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Thanks so much!

What a cool selection of shots :)

Thanks! They are pretty cool birds!

They are, they have some around here that I have seen from a distance but never up close enough to get any shots

I love seeing them with their wings spread out to dry, but I didn't have any photos of that.

I see that often as I am on the train, they do look so cool when they are drying themselves off like that

You wouldn't think that it would matter to a bird that dives underwater if his wings are wet or not! About the time he get some dried off he probably dives under for another fish.

Yeah I have seen one do just that going straight from sunning its wings to diving into the water, kind of strange LOL

Wow! That first shot is fab! They all are actually. Those hooks on the end of their beaks sure look deadly. And you get around for this! From Georgia to Wisconsin, and beyond I am sure.
Excellent work!

I am really grateful for all the traveling I did while I was still able to! These days I stay pretty close to home.

Very nice captures my friend i will know which bird to call next time i want to go fishing :)

Thanks! They are the experts!

I reckon so :)

Thank you for this good post

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

100% i enjoyed it

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Super nice photos! I think it would be so fascinating to watch the dive in and get a fish!

I was actually taking pictures of alligators and suddenly that guy popped up with a fish in his mouth.

Wow! You mean you didn't know he was under the water, like he'd been there for awhile?

I wasn't paying any attention to him. They can stay underwater for just over a minute and some species can dive up to 150 feet.

Howdy Melinda! sorry I'm so late, too much time offline. But wow, 150 feet! I had no idea and would never have guessed that they were capable of that! Now I almost feel sorry for the fish!

Seems like they are pretty remarkable! When I was scuba diving I never went below 80 feet.

And that's pretty deep! amazing. That would really be amazing if you were scuba diving down there and one of those went swimming down past you!

That would be a sight to see, wouldn't it? Wow!

Nice shots, especially the one with the fish! I have only ever seen one of those fly over once, when living in South Dakota. They're a lot more interesting close-up!

I have not seen them often around here. They are interesting birds!

I have not seen them
Often around here. They are
Interesting birds!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Excellent photos. We rarely have cormorants, they mostly love the water and the sea shore :- )

I have never seen one here on the river. I took 2 of the photos about 100 miles from here at a big marshland area.

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