Feathered Friday hosted by @keithboone - The Thailand Silver Gull !!

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This morning when i got to work our mission was to go and see some investment property that the company wants to buy and eventually build some condominiums in this area it's about 1.5 hours out of Bangkok city but becoming a very popular area amongst the Thai people so of we went.


This area is near the coast line beach of the Andaman sea with lots of fresh seafood restaurants in the area already and many more run down apartments that need pulling down and rebuilt and this was our reason for been here today for our company to buy them out and turn the area into Recreation Center.


This area not only has the most Seagulls i have even seen in one area which is a sight on it's own to see but has the most amazing sunsets in Thailand a great place to come relax , chill out for an evening or a day or two i can see why condominiums would sell well here and with many choices of seafood restaurants just prefect.


Unfortunalety we were on a schedule and i didn't have much time to wonder around and check out the area better but i did get just enough time to snap a couple shots of these hundreds of Seagulls which are the main attraction in this area but i do want to come back down on a weekend and check out the sunsets.


One thing i got to test out my new mobile phone the Samsung A9 with four cameras and by the looks of these photos of Seagulls in flight i am impressed with this Samsung A9 mobile phone and there is still room for improvement as i am still learning about the four lens cameras on this mobile phone but in all it turn out a amazing day especially seeing the biggest flock of Seagulls even in my life.



I hope you have enjoyed looking at my birds and thank you @keithboone for giving us the opportunity to show off our birds.




well well well..who'd a thought the great sir hangin would show up with bird photos! lol...of course he would! Great job sir, especially for being an amateur with that new phone but the last photo is a classic! The shutter speed must be amazing on that thing.

Haha ...i am full of surprises thanks sir janton and this new phone is absolutely amazing it has so many function i need to go to Samsung tech school for a day or two...lol :)

hey the stores should provide classes if you're going to be spending that much on a phone, what was the cost, about $600?

Actually they have been very helpful i have been back there a couple of times to get help and they have been very helpful. You know this phone is actually worth double that i got discounted because i have with this phone company for 10 years :)

howdy today sir hangin! You mean they actually appreciate you loyalty? wow that is cool!

They actually do my friend sir janton :)

Excellent photos, I really love the last one with the three gulls! It looks like a wonderful location there on that beach. I think I would like to spend some time there... Thank you for entering Feathered Friday! Voted and resteemed, have a great weekend.

Thank you @keithboone i do intend going back there a bit more prepared this was something totally unexpected :)

Thanks for the upvote and resteem my friend :)

I love these! I really like the shadows in the sand.

It is one amazing place never seen so many seagulls in one place :)

Gull shadows! Those look like they would have been contest winners! ❤️

I know they came to later ....damnit...never mind maybe on your next round i was so amazed to see so many seagulls in one place never have i seen that and what a beautiful place this was :)

In about a month it would work for Your Favorite Shadow and then a few weeks after that it would work for Shadows on Water. Hang on to it and you will have choices! Those are such a amazing photos. So build me a condo there would you?

That's cool i certainly will and i will probably need to go back there again within the next couple of weeks and i will spent more time there doing a review on the area for the company.

You know a beach front 2 bedroom condo fully furnished will cost you about $180,000 US dollars insane ...yeah....and with no snow...hehe !!

Furnished? Steem to the Moon!

Absolute beach front and yes fully furnished do you want me to book a sale for you on the plan...hehe :)

If I was 10 years younger......

Age is only a number it's how you feel , i stopped counting..lol :)

WOW I dont think I have ever seen so many seagulls in one place

Great shots

Neither have i it was like been on a bird planet just amazing to see....lol :)

It sure looked like a bird planet, I couldnt help but think of the Hitchcock book and movie Birds

Hey yeah perfect example forgot about that movie....lol :)

Maybe the fact that we know of that movie is a sign of age LOL

Haha...i am counting backwards now...hehe :)

Well it makes me feel younger but Thailand does that for you anyway...hehe :)

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