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RE: Feathered Friday hosted by @keithboone - The Thailand Silver Gull !!

in #featheredfriday3 years ago

well well well..who'd a thought the great sir hangin would show up with bird photos! lol...of course he would! Great job sir, especially for being an amateur with that new phone but the last photo is a classic! The shutter speed must be amazing on that thing.


Haha ...i am full of surprises thanks sir janton and this new phone is absolutely amazing it has so many function i need to go to Samsung tech school for a day or :)

hey the stores should provide classes if you're going to be spending that much on a phone, what was the cost, about $600?

Actually they have been very helpful i have been back there a couple of times to get help and they have been very helpful. You know this phone is actually worth double that i got discounted because i have with this phone company for 10 years :)

howdy today sir hangin! You mean they actually appreciate you loyalty? wow that is cool!

They actually do my friend sir janton :)

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