I know they came to later ....damnit...never mind maybe on your next round i was so amazed to see so many seagulls in one place never have i seen that and what a beautiful place this was :)

In about a month it would work for Your Favorite Shadow and then a few weeks after that it would work for Shadows on Water. Hang on to it and you will have choices! Those are such a amazing photos. So build me a condo there would you?

That's cool i certainly will and i will probably need to go back there again within the next couple of weeks and i will spent more time there doing a review on the area for the company.

You know a beach front 2 bedroom condo fully furnished will cost you about $180,000 US dollars insane ...yeah....and with no snow...hehe !!

Furnished? Steem to the Moon!

Absolute beach front and yes fully furnished do you want me to book a sale for you on the plan...hehe :)

If I was 10 years younger......

Age is only a number it's how you feel , i stopped :)

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