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if your looking for some mine platforms, check out my page. i advise

no deposit
150 ghz free
withdraw proof
no requirements

let me know how you experiance it !


cool will do, but they all end up exiting none last and the ones that do aint profitable. you cant withdraw without deposit be careful if it last more than 2 months you will do well. done about 4 of these last month alone all but one dead

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I’m interested in seeing your progress, please post updates!! I’ve been interested in cloud mining. I hope it works out for you.


thank you me too lol try this one but wouldn't recommend depositing more that min amount. I will update after 10 days that's when first min payout is due
try this eobot iner this is the best one there is a built in faucet which you do every 24 hours to build up power been running for years very good


Lol I’ll wait till you have your review first lol. Thank you for the faucet I will definitely have to use that.


yeah I would advice that lol even if I do get paid still wouldn't advice that. on eobot in top left there is a drop down menu click on the bottom choice ghs that will mine you power in the bottom left ghs will be highlighted. then when you go to the account tab at the top there is a faucet click that do the faucet and it will give you power in the bottom left. it is slow but I find everything that is legit in crypto is slow. there are no easy get rich schemes stay away from them. give me an up date in a week or so and I will send you some doge to boost your power up. have fun


I’m in it for the long haul so slow is fine with me. Oh man that’s awesome I’ll wait till then. Thank you

the site is slow and unfunctional, they cant even spell categories right, interested to see progress tho


agree however is free so I'm not expecting much might deposit once I have received pay out just minimum amount out of curiosity lol

2014 called
It wants it’s doge back 🐕


lol. hey when I tell people that don't have a clue what crypto is that I have a mil doge you should see the reaction lol I'm a high doge rolla. Ps it does everything btc does quicker and cheaper so its all good by me
🐕 🐕 🐕

I don't believe this dog 😬


believe the dog believe lol just posted new miner doge speed miner try that will work and its free so you got nothing to lose.

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