The Glamorous Life of a Parent!

in father •  6 months ago

... or as I like to think of it: How I became to be at one with Spew...

I used to be quite a sympathetic spewer. If I saw or smelt the stuff... I would have to go running, before it overtook me, and I would find myself spewing as well! However, these days... I still retch a bit, but I'm getting much better at handling it and cleaning it up!

Today, our little toddler is sick and throwing up. When she is sick like this, generally she comes running up to you and starts coughing a bit. That means you have roughly ten seconds to get rid of this living time bomb, or if you are feeling more generous, mentally prepare yourself to be covered in spew!

The first time this morning was quite funny in a sort of not that funny sort of way! I was home with the kids, and my wife had gone to yoga. During the morning, the toddler had been coughing and retching, but nothing would happen. However, when my wife returned, our toddler ran to her... and started coughing... and then spewed! Luckily this time it was onto tiled floor, so I was thinking that it was pretty easy to clean... however, I was also thinking that it was surprisingly less than I thought there should be!

... well, the reason for that was that a good chunk of it went into my wife's handbag!

The second time happened just an hour ago... I had just come back from work (and no, this is not going to be a karma thing where I get spewed on for finding the first experience funny!).

The little one had been sleeping, and she was just playing... I come upstairs, she starts coughing... and runs to mum! (Fathers are generally second pick...).

Spew! Mostly in the bucket in the first photo... but also onto the rug and clothes! Luckily, I've gotten pretty good at cleaning this up. The past year has given me a decent dose of experience. Our oldest child was not a spewer... this little one is...

So, now she is watching TV with her mum. We are going to give her a dinner which we won't mind so much wearing sometime later in the night. Probably some unflavoured rice and toast....

The night will be interesting... I'm on duty, so I'm hoping it will be uneventful! Last time, I got thrown up on three times in the middle of the night. Of course, she always waits for me to clean everything up before spewing again!

So, not too much Steeming for today! or this evening! Bleah, I can still smell spew on my hands...

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Little ones can sometimes be an angel, or not....


Well... at least this time, she's not being naughty!


LOL, she's cute!

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Hate with the little ones get sick. Nothing you can do for them and they just look so sad. My Wife doesn't handle it very well so it ends up being my job more times then not dealing with this so I feel your pain. Glad my kids are older now and for the most part can take care of themselves in terms of making to the bathroom and stuff. They are still sad looking and I just want to take away their pain, but left feeling helpless in the end.


Yeah, the feeling of helplessness is the worst... anyway, I thought of a new contest idea! How many times will I get spewed on tonight!

The worst is when it happens in the car. The smell gets in to everything, and you can guarantee that getting every last remnant of the vomit out of that car seat is impossible, no matter how many times you wash the cover, it finds its way into nooks and crevices that you never even knew existed.

On more than one occasion I have contemplated trading our car in on another one just to get rid of the smell...


Its lasted that long? There was one time that she was about to throw up in the car, but I got my jumped and caught most of it in my hands before it went everywhere... maybe it was a good decision after all!

I am on duty now ! Same thing


Hope it went well!


Still on duty 3 of the 4 kids down and out 💪😬


They are All of to school again ! THANK GOD 😉


Congratulations on surviving! Time to prepare for Christmas!


done the tree thing yesterday so on the free hoiday

Awww, poor little thing. I hope she gets better soon and you hang in their and help as you can, much love for the entire family 💚


We survived! Lots of cleaning and washing... but we got there!

hahaha sir bengy! wow the things parents go through, you're a good man sir!


... don't you worry, I'm saving it up for a worthwhile revenge in the future!

Poor baby girl, I hope she feels better soon! That's kind of the bit with smell, though; you get used to it in time. Happened to me with a kitty litter box, used to wretch just from the smell of it and now I can clean it with little in the way of that going on XD


Yeah, I don't think I could handle a kitty litter box! Human spew... well, one that comes out of your own kid at least, is tolerable! but I wouldn't do it for anyone else!


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I seriously think that parenting is the most important and the most glamorous of all jobs a person can have!!! I the utmost respect and admiration for parents.


Thanks! I'll be thinking of that the next time I'm washing spew out of my hair!

Poor baba! Must be so awful when they’re sick cuz they probably don’t understand why they are sickies 😩


They are sick because of something horrible that they did in their past life! I'm going to have fun when they turn eighteen... I'm going to spew on them, crank out and then poop my pants!

I totally feel you!!

What is even worse is when all of you is sick! And you have to unsick yourself to take care of your sick babies.. its one tough job actually!
I actually made a post where I was sick and the at the same time my little baby!! It was a nightmare for me.. i was soooooo weak to even get up. I have no choice but to get up cuz the baby wont calm down if he is carried by somebody else even his father he doesnt want.

But, despite all our pain or tiredness, it all fades away with just one smile from them or when they say and do the sweetest things.

Anyway, you can surpass this im sure! Dont worry about the smell, you get used to it.. hehehe..

Get well soon baby! Take some vitamins for yourself too..

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Too late... I got sick soon afterwards! Oh well... soldier onwards! I'm just happy that she ate her dinner tonight!


Ohhhh! I feel you on that.. been there too just last month..

Aint it an accomolishment knowing that dinner was consumed! Haha.. little things that makes us parents happy..

I hope you all pass out this phase soon.

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