USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Prat-8 ( Profit and loss from 1st batch) — Steemit

USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Prat-8 ( Profit and loss from 1st batch)

in farming •  9 months ago

Dear all,

Last month I shared a post which mentioned that we selling our chickens. As @kenny-crane and I were the partners of the poultry farm with a share of 250 chickens, we were so excited about the project to know how it goes so far. @Kenny-crane invested 40 Steem at rate 2.30 USD/ Steem equal to $92 which includes transaction cost on 18 December 2017. It was 78 USD excluding transaction cost. He decided to observe 3 cycles of the business and profit of the 50 chickens will go to where I feel best. I personally invested for 200 chickens. As all the investment and expectation of profit was rough prediction so we found many changes after all costs and sales.


Last week we sold out all the chickens and we made 35000 BDT = 437.5 USD overall profit from the chicken's farm. The main partners in the business ( my brother and his friend) need to recover their fixed investment. As an external investor, I have no berden of fixed investment. My brother and his friend need to recover 145000 BDT = 1812.5 USD as these investment related to fixed cost.

Here is some information about our first batch of poultry farming business.

ItemsAmount in BDTIN USD
Total number of chickens1450----
Total cost2250002712.5
Per chicken cost149.651.87

We expected the cost will be not more than 1.56 USD per chicken. But as we had to keep the chickens in the farm for better weight, we had to expend more for food and related cost. So, @kenny-crane was the owner of 78/1.87 = 41.7 chickens.

Unfortunately, Total 111 chickens lost their lives in a different stage. We expected the chicken death rate will not be more than 5% = 75 chickens. Of course, it was something different and we need to focus on what was wrong with the chickens. we total left 1339 chickens after the death of 111 chickens.

So the death ratio was 7.66%. And the number of death for 250 chickens were 19.15 chickens.

The real calculation was after sell out.

Among 41.7 chickens of @kenny-crane, the died chickens number were 3.20 and Among my personal 208.3 chickens, the number of died chickens was 15.96.

ItemsAmount in BDTIN USD
Total Sold Amount2520003150
Total Profit27000337.5
Each chicken profit18.620.23

I invested for 250 chickens and also gave some amount extra as help to my brother. But I made a condition with my brother to return all amount with profit for 250 chickens only. He returned all the money and we calculated all the real cost and revenue we made.

The profit we made from 250 Chickens.

Total We made>>>51.501

We made less than profit we expected because of death ratio only. Also, the cost of per chicken was more than we expected. I was expecting it would not be more than 1.56 USD per chicken cost.

I will discuss with @kenny-crane how to use the profit of his share. I also decided to reinvest my money but we can't invest more than 250 chicken as an external investor.

For new batch, the room is ready and much-fixed investment made by my brother and his friend. We added fan as the weather is getting warmer. Tomorrow we will have another batch. And I have many work to do.

I am happy that we made some profit. This time brother wants to grow 2000 chickens. So I will invest for about 200 chickens and @kenny-crane will invest for about 50 chickens again. As he wants to donate the profit to @SchoolForSDG4 , So I will add 9.59 USD with school fund.

I am so sorry, I started to write this post 4 PM and now it is 4:30 AM. I am still writing but had break for facebook and curating posts. I was here and there some time but was very slow to make all things. Sometimes my posts take long time because of my poor English. Hope you guys understand my writing.

N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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I am very happy with the results from this first cycle of chicken farming!

I'm glad we made a profit and I am sure a lot has been learned that can be used for the next cycle. It's sad that we lost some chickens but that is part of nature. Now we have some real data and we can see how we do next cycle and make a comparison.

Thanks for letting me be a partner in this Friendship poultry farming project! I'm very happy that I was able to be involved with this. I'm glad that there was some profit from my chickens and this money will go to the school. I look forward to the next cycle now!


Such a nice work... looking forward to the next cycle :)


thank you for joining the idea my friend. we looks forward to get more profit in second batch. Hope everything will be positive and i will add your donation in next monthly report.

Have you considered getting a Rooster and let some of the females repoduce ? You might be able to cut your price of chickens down. Also you may be able to sell some eggs also. Just throwing this question out there.

Your English writing is very easy to understand. Reading your posts here in the USA is better than some news letters I read from here.


Hello @dwolfe thank you for your comment. Actually, the chickens are only for chicken meat and they are not produced for eggs in the farm. It is a big investment and perhaps has a different method to get eggs and reproduce. We only need about 1 month for sale. Thank for your appreciation for my writing. may be it is first time I got such complement <3

Hey, I left you a message on Steem Chat when you have time to check it.


Sorry for the late response there.

Wow, keep it up , you are really doing good with your job


Thank you @sola3097 for your support and helping me :)

Wow great business my friend


Thank you @steemitjean for your comment

You’re doing such a great job... I’d love to help with your charity in the future. Looking forward to the next cycle. Have a great day :)

I am also a poultry farmer

Poultry farming can be risky but it's gain's is awesome.

so clear calculations thats good. best wishes for future investment