USA and Bangladesh Friendship Poultry Farming Business via Steemit Prat-7 ( We are Selling )

in farming •  8 months ago

Dear Steemians,

You might know that we are doing a poultry farming business in Bangladesh for last one month by investing our steemit earning. Me and @kenny-crane invested for 250 chickens and we are so hopeful to have some good profit from the farming business. @Kenny-crane wants to donate the profit to @SchoolForSDG4 and I am so happy to share that everything is going positive till to date. My brother working full time in the farm as he also partner of the business. All together we had around 1500 Chickens in the farm.

We started to sell the chickens from 21 February, 2018.

On Average we found the chickens have 1.7 KG . We are selling to retailers mostly instead selling to mass buyers. Per KG, we are charging of 106-108 BDT ( 1.325 - 1.35 USD ) to the retailers. If one would like to buy these chickens from market, then they have to pay around 120 - 125 BDT ( 1.5 -1.5625 USD ) per KG.

As the average weight of the chickens is around 1.7 KG so we are hoping the average price of the chicken should be 180.2 - 183.6 BDT (2.2525 - 2.295 USD) .

We will get exact calculation after we sell all the chickens. :)


One of my brothers were measuring the weight of 5 chickens. And I was keeping the record. My another brother was inside the farm.

Before selling

After selling around 200 chickens

We have a narrow road to connect with main road.

We sent 65 chickens to a retail shop but unfortunately one chicken fell down from van. It died after an accident with car. One of my brothers was following the van until it reach the shop but he could not save it.

N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

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Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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Poultry business is a nice one and very profitable. You just need time to check and watch your fowls all the time. Tend to the sick ones and isolate them from the rest so their illness won't spread to the rest.
Me and @kenny-crane invested for 250 chickens and we are so hopeful to have some good profit from the farming business, you guys definitely will have loads of profit. I have an aunt who has 120birds and I know how much she counts when it comes to egg distribution, who love to go into the business but I am scared of all feathered creatures. Don't laugh at me

It looks like the hard work by you and your brothers is about to pay off!

The chickens look great, nice and big. I look forward to heaaring about if we made some profit so I can help your excellent school. Whatever happens, it has been fun for me to watch from far away and to see how my chickens were doing. Thanks for letting me be a partner with you!

Business is the same as with my business at that time buddy .. Very proud to see the progress of business there


Thank you for your comment. Hope you have had a good business

best wishes for good profit @kenny-crane and @azizbd

You said that the profits were going to help the school. Are you going to save some profits to buy more chicks ? Hope you recieve a big enough profit to cover all your expenses. Nice to see they are ready to sell !

You’re such an inspiration. I found you through @kenny-cranne and shared a link about your project on my post. Great job @azizbd!!! Following you and looking forward to more :) Have a great day!